Being Aware On Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes is a disease caused by low levels of blood glucose is above normal. The hormone insulin secreted by the pancreas continues to lower blood glucose levels. The number of people with diabetes is growing rapidly and today a large percentage of those who were not aware how serious it is. The reason why so many people are unaware that diabetes can have because some people show no symptoms of diabetes.

There are some common symptoms of diabetes should be examined by a doctor. It ‘very essential to have blood work every year after 45 years. The reason why people are not known to have diabetes is that some people have no symptoms of diabetes. And, diabetes and symptoms may be accompanied by stomach pains, vomiting or nausea. If these symptoms may be the immediate initiation of type 1 diabetes, also known as insulin-dependent diabetes.

Because, somehow, it helps to be aware of this disease, this article provides the knowledge essential to reduce the occurrence of this disease Because if not, as has been said, can lead to complications for the body system.


The symptoms of diabetes include excessive urination or too much, excessive hunger, excessive thirst, unusual or sudden weight loss, blurred vision or vision, delayed wound healing or delayed healing of wounds, repeated infections, headaches, fatigue, itching and dry. However, to experience some of these symptoms does not mean that you already have diabetes because some of these are also present in other diseases. So to be safe, you better visit your doctor.


Together with cancer of the degenerative diseases of all time is diabetes in the functioning of our pancreas means living with poor health. It ‘important that people who take care of their health and look and try to look out for symptoms of diabetes that we take action soon, before the full onset of the disease comes into play. The link between diabetes and diet is now known and it makes sense to start there before you start using drugs and insulin to cure the condition.


It ‘very important to develop a healthy lifestyle to prevent or reduce the likelihood of having a complicated disease. Healthy diet and regular exercise are the factors contributing to this. It ‘also important to have regular visits to the doctor for preventive measure.

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