Carbohydrate counting diabetes diet

carbohydrate counting diabetes diet

carbohydrate counting diabetes diet

When it comes to diabetes it is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as important to maintain a healthy diet and a carbohydrate counting diabetes diet can do just that. It can help you stay on track with your diabetes as well as with your health.

Carbohydrate counting diabetes diet is a great way to not only maintain your diabetes but also a good way to lose weight at the same time. With carbohydrate counting you can maintain a healthy weight all while maintaining your diabetes at the same time.

Carbohydrates are very dangerous for diabetics because carbohydrates are nothing but starches and there are good starches and there are bad starches. Bad starches are the starches that take longer to break down or for the body to absorb and when the body can’t absorb the sugar fast enough it causes the sugar to build up which registers for as a diabetic having high blood sugar because of the higher sugar levels. Some examples of bad carbohydrates are breads, pastas, grains and wheat products but you can eat carbohydrates but as a food exchange such as wheat bread for white bread, etc.

Good starches are starches that your body can absorb and breakdown which means that your body is able to handle them and they don’t have to work harder in order to maintain them. Good starches are in your whole wheat pastas and bread versus the white ones.

By being able to perform and follow a carbohydrate counting diabetes diet you can not only maintain a better health about yourself but will also be able to maintain a healthy diet and a healthy blood sugar reading level.

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