Non Invasive Glucose Monitor

Non Invasive Glucose Monitor

Non Invasive Glucose Monitor

Not long ago, the idea of a non invasive glucose monitor was just a pipe dream of endocrinologists, physicians and diabetics everywhere. It seemed as if such a thing was not only impossible in the laboratory, but would surely never be available for at home personal use by the patient.

It seemed hard to imagine, after all that it could be at all possible for the level of glucose in the bloodstream to be checked without first breaking the skin, (an invasive procedure), in order to obtain a blood sample for checking. Modern technology has now proven that a bloodless glucose monitor is not only possible, but a few such devices are soon to be on the market for consumer use.

Non invasive Glucose Monitor Developements.

One such device is the glucowatch. Worn like a wristwatch, the glucowatch administers a small painless electric shock at around 20 minute intervals. This shock draws a small sample of interstitial fluid which is then read by the machine in order to determine the glucose level in the blood. Though this device represents one type of FDA approved glucose monitors it must still be used in conjunction with traditional blood sample glucose monitors as part of a comprehensive treatment regimen.

The non invasive glucose monitor of today is a far cry from the decades old technology of home glucose monitors, and as soon as the product is further developed the entire process of drawing a blood sample in order to get a glucose reading may be a thing of the past. This would be a godsend to those who suffer from hard to manage diabetes symptoms and may have to endure many finger sticks in a single day just in the effort to keep track of their blood glucose levels. The non invasive glucose monitor may soon make tracking and trending blood glucose pain and trouble free.

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  • Send info on non invasive monitors

  • Harold Taylor

    Please send up dates as soon as they are available.

  • Keith Abel

    Are any of the new moniters on the market so we can purchase one?

  • Grace

    Hi Keith,
    Very good question Keith – so many diabetics are wondering the same.
    Check out this site below: for more information, Not sure whether it has approval to be sold in US or not yet,
    (They won’t reply to my emails)
    I’m constantly researching the advances in availability – and I’ll be sure and advise any new information I find out.

    Best of luck Keith