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Best Blood Glucose Meters 2019

Blood glucose meters are small portable devices which are designed used to monitor blood sugar levels. Using a glucometer, patients are able to manage diabetes better by tracking the fluctuations in their blood sugar levels. There are two main types of glucose meters:

CGM(Continuous glucose meter) and there is the manual BGM(Blood glucose meter).

Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Blood Glucose Meter

  • Accuracy

Some glucometers are more accurate than others therefore it’s important to confirm the accuracy of a glucometer before purchasing it. This also helps prevent false readings of your blood sugar level which may have adverse effects in the long-term.

  • Cost of the Glucose Meter

Be sure to purchase a blood glucose meter which is within your budget. It’s also important to consider features such as Bluetooth and smartphone compatibility with excellent data management features.

  • Cost and availability of the test strips

Check the long-term cost of test strip since they are usually the most expensive part of using blood glucose meters. A glucometer may be expensive but its cheap test strips may be affordable and vice versa. It’s also important to choose a meter whose test strips are widely available. Remember, some test strips are only available in online stores which aren’t ideal for emergencies.

  • Data management and connectivity

Choose a glucometer with a good data management system which provides you and your doctor with relevant information required for proper management of diabetes in order to minimize potential adverse long-term health effects. It’s also important to check whether your glucometer can transfer data to other and its ease of use. Mobile applications are better than desktop software because Bluetooth allows your glucometer to instantly transfer your readings to the data management system on your phone. Using some desktop software can be daunting largely because you have to access a computer and use a USB cable for connection. Mobile applications also make it easy to add notes from your phone immediately after taking a blood test which gives you an accurate assessment of your condition.

  • Insurance cover

Since the long-term cost of operating a Glucometer can be high, there are insurance plans which cover the costs of the glucose meter and test strips. One of the potential downsides of using insurance to cover costs associated with purchasing and using a glucometer is that the plan might dictate the specific brands which patients should use. Therefore, you should contact your insurance provider about what brands are covered under your insurance plan to check whether your preferred brand is included. Let’s explore some of the best blood glucose meters available in the market


According to third party tests Contour Next One has an accuracy of 99%. Despite having a small display, it features Bluetooth compatibility and also comes with a companion application which allows you to sync readings to your phone. It also allows you to make notes which make data management very easy and you can easily track your readings and trend. Contour Next One also one of the most affordable glucometers in the market and its test strips are widely available in most online stores and pharmacies.


FORA 6 Connect is one of the best glucometers for insulin-dependent diabetics. The glucometer features a big display which is easy to read. This multi-functional Glucometer is compatible with strips for measuring both blood sugar and ketones which makes it ideal especially for insulin-dependent diabetics. FORA 6 Connect is a great device for diabetes patients who are following a keto diet because it aids in effective management of their blood glucose levels. Despite being affordable, this glucose meter is only available in select stores. The meter features a companion application called the iFORA HM App and using the Bluetooth functionality, patients are able to sync readings. The application is easy to use and you can also add notes to specific readings. It also displays data form of graphs and charts for quick and easy analysis.


This is a great glucometer for diabetics with poor eyesight because it has a voice feature which reads out readings to users. The voice feature also helps users navigate through other features without relying on the display. The voice guide is loud and easily understandable. Its test strips are quite affordable and it also features a companion application which allows users to sync their readings. The app comes with excellent data management features.


This is the best glucometer for value largely because its test strips are affordable and easily available. True Metrix Air features a companion app that allows users to sync data via Bluetooth. Its long run costs are also considerably lower compared to other blood glucose meters.


This is the best glucometer when it comes to data management. Despite being compatible with Android devices, users must download its companion app. However, it’s quite convenient to use because it does not require a USB cable to connect to the computer or Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your smartphone.  It is ideal for data management and the display size is determined by the size of your smartphone’s screen. The dario companion app is well designed and user-friendly. The app is also designed to display large figures in different colors for easy and quick analysis.


One Touch Ultra Mini is the best compact blood sugar meter. It’s an excellent choice for diabetics who are looking for a discreet and compact glucometer to tuck into their pocket or purse.

Since there are many different factors that affect blood sugar levels, it’s essential to keep track of the fluctuating blood sugar levels. Blood glucose meters help diabetes patients manage the condition better and prevent serious complications such as nerve damage (neuropathy), kidney problems and blindness.