Case Study Review: How Concord Hospital Leveraged CPOE to Improve Diabetes Care Processes

Situation Examine Assessment: How Concord Hospital Leveraged CPOE to Improve Diabetes Care Processes

Because of concerns about the high quality of inpatient diabetes care, Concord Hospital in Concord, Massachusetts challenged its Chief Health care Details Officer, Joel Berman, M.D., to strengthen individual care and discourage the use of free-standing sliding scale insulin.

Even though he knew it would take research and creativity, Dr. Bergman made a decision to see if Horizon Specialist Orders™, a Computerized Medical doctor Purchase Entry (CPOE) solution by now currently being employed to lessen medical mistakes at Concord, could also minimize inpatient diabetes care mistakes.

The challenge was to find a way to use CPOE to strengthen outcomes in far more complicated diabetes cases, where decisions are produced based mostly many multidisciplinary aspects.

Step one was to comprehend exactly what components contributed and how to Concord’s inpatient diabetes care difficulties.  Concentrate groups recognized 4 contributing elements:

The hospital’s “on-demand” food program created it challenging for nurses to administer meal insulin at the proper time
Nurses had been confused about protocols due to the lack of consensus on diabetes care management
Glucose values have been usually unavailable to workers due to delays in glucometer docking
Physicians routinely forgot to adjust day-to-day basal insulin doses

Soon after identifying the contributing elements, the team comprehensively reviewed hospital workflow, looking for methods to streamline processes and integrate CPOE technologies into method management.

Bergman’s crew created new CPOE alerts, for instance, to notify the dietary middle when a individual was carb counting, improving communication.  After the all round diabetes care workflow had been reviewed, specific care processes have been adjusted one particular at a time, so the group could tell when modifications have been generating a distinction.

To improve workflow, the employees started from wherever authorities agree on what the gaps are in diabetes care management.  The team created an interactive, web-based mostly kind within Horizon Expert Orders to manual suppliers by way of insulin orders as a 3-element bundle of basal, meal and correction doses, so the doses would more closely resemble typical pancreatic operating.  The type helps make it easier to buy the favored protocol, and reminds them if a part is missed.

Following finishing the diabetes care management improvement initiative, Concord Hospital achieved the following outcomes:

Obtained 80% Medical doctor Satisfaction with the Horizon Skilled Orders interactive kind
All nursing staff received standardized teaching and handed a competency exam
Glucometer docking delays had been lowered by a lot more than half
Use of basal and prandial insulin increased 70% and ninety%

Read the total edition of this CPOE case review, or learn more about the Horizon Specialist Orders Computerized Medical doctor Order Entry (CPOE) resolution by going to McKesson.

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