Diabetes and blindness

diabetes and blindness

diabetes and blindness

Diabetes and blindness is a deadly combination but to many diabetics each and every year they are faced with this horrible combination. Diabetes in itself is a deadly combination and someone that has diabetes blindness can end up being a tough road ahead.

Diabetes in itself is a dangerous combination and causes a lot of medical problems in itself, I know first hand. When my grandmother was first diagnosed with diabetes many years ago, it was just a simple life changing habit of changing up some foods and diet and then knowing that she needed to monitor her sugar several times a day. Now, diabetes and blindness has came hand in hand and taken her by storm and even though it is a life changing event it is something that we all must live with and deal with on a daily basis.
Diabetes and blindness… she has now had 2 glaucoma eye surgeries and has been declared legally blind, it is challenging watching her try and eat but yet can’t tell you what items are on her plate, it is hard watching her not be able to see her grand-babies or tell you what you are wearing. Diabetes and blindness take many diabetics by storm each and every year and some instances day and can be a very daunting task.

With diabetes and blindness you can watch someone that you love so dearly, become faced with many challenging and trying experiences in a matter of minutes and not even quite understand everything that is being faced right in front of you but it is the hand that you are dealt and we must take it and make the most of it. Even though there are surgeries and most of the time for many unsuccessful we need to take it and let it be played in the cards.

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