The Bloodless Glucose Meter Review 2015

It might be possible to test your blood glucose level without a finger prick in the near future. Currently there are various companies testing bloodless glucose meters. One of these glucose meters measures blood sugar using light in less than 20 seconds. The landscape of this technology has grown stronger with solid research and several companies have a real shot of introducing the no stick glucose meter to the market.

Bloodless Glucose Meter – Grove Instruments

no stick glucose meter

Grove Instruments’ newest creation is the optical bridge technology that uses near infrared spectroscopy to measure real time blood glucose in less than 20 seconds. The device is battery-operated just like the traditional meter. However, the main difference is that you only have to place on your earlobe or fingertip. The device is one of its kind and it has already been patented. Grove expects this innovation to allow people suffering from diabetes to monitor their blood sugar levels more easily and convenient. The device will also enable doctors to screen people for diabetes and pre-diabetes more quickly.

Does the Glucometer meet accuracy standards? Optical Bridge technology has already surpassed the ISO 15197 clinical trials standard.


Echo Therapeutics

New glucose meters without blood, no blood glucose meter, The Symphony tCGM biosensor that monitors blood glucose levels continuously using a thersdermal sensor was developed by Eco Therapeutics. After placing the biosensor on site, it only needs to warm up for the symphony to transmit the blood glucose level of the user wirelessly to a remote monitor every minute. The monitor keeps track of the rate of glucose changes and the glucose level. Moreover, it provides audible and visual alarms in case the user’s rate of change and blood glucose levels move outside the target range.




OrSense Bloodless Glucose Meter.

bloodless glucose metersOrsense monitors the users’ Blood glucose level using the spectOLight Occlusion Spectroscopy Technology. This bloodless glucose meter has a ring shaped sensor that can be worn on the thumb or any other finger. The ring applies gentle pressure on the finger in order to occlude blood flow. Tests on over 450 diabetic subjects show that this glucose meter performs similar to invasive sensors available in the market.




Cnoga Medical Ltd.

Bloodless glucose meter reviews, glucometer bloodless, bloodless glucose meter,Cnoga medical, a start up in Israel, has developed a bloodless glucose monitor that uses optical sensors to track changes in skin color instead of taking a physical blood sample by pricking the skin. Although this device is already available in Europe, it will probably require further clinical trials in the United States before being sold to diabetics officially. However, the monitor’s technology has already been approved by the FDA (United States Food and Drug administration) for other applications.

Instead of pricking the finger, the patient can simply place a finger on the optical sensor in order for the device to monitor the blood sugar level, skin resistance, the quality of skin collagen and the heart rate.

Arriva Bloodless Glucose Meter

Bloodless glucose meter, talking meter amazonArriva has created a talking meter which has quite useful for the elderly and diabetics whose vision is impaired. Although the Arrive glucose meter does not require finger pricks, it still requires a small blood sample which is presumably from alternate site such as the palm forearm or thigh for calibrating the sensors periodically. The sensor can be placed on the abdomen or upper arm with a special adhesive.

This no stick glucose meter uses interstitial fluid measurements rather than blood glucose and their testing kits are very useful for showing any trends in your blood sugar level. Moreover, the talking meter is easier to use, more accurate and pain free.

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