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Non Invasive Glucose Monitor

Finally there’s great news with regards to the much sought after non invasive glucose monitor for diabetics. This method of measuring blood glucose levels has been the goal of many different companies over the years, some receiving the CE mark, but none have yet to be marketed.

The non-invasive GlucoTrack

The latest developments with the GlucoTrack model DF-F glucose meter from Integrity Applications, uses 3 different technologies to measure blood glucose levels accurately.

  •  Ultrasonic
  •  Electromagnetic and
  •  Heat capacity. (thermal)

This device consists of a main unit, which is battery operated – a transmitter, receiver and processor and a Personal Ear Clip which attaches to the earlobe. The GlucoTrack non invasive glucose monitor has a USB port to download your personal information and blood glucose levels to your computer, or other storage device, for analysis by you or your diabetes management team. Even if you need to monitor your blood 5 or 6 times a day, it’s as easy as just clipping the earpiece to your ear and the levels are displayed on the screen, or announced verbally to you within a minute! As easy as that. No more continuous finger pricking to draw blood for testing!

Can I track more than one persons levels on the same meter? Good question.

Yes, the main unit of the GlucoTrack meter (model DF-F) can support 3 different users. You will just need a separate PEC (Personal Ear Clip) for each user, as it has to calibrate individually. There are no disposables required for the GlucoTrack, however it is necessary to replace the Personal Ear Clip approximately every 6 months to ensure the accuracy of the measurements. This meter will alert you ahead of time when it’s necessary to replace the PEC. Integrity Applications has received the CE Mark which allows them to Market and sell the GlucoTrack Meter in European Union, and it is expected to be available for sale to the general public in a few countries during 2014.  Check this website regularly for more updates on its availability.

GluCall Non invasive Glucose Monitor

GluCall blood glucose meters, are another prototype that we could be seeing on the market in the not too distant future.Non Invasive Glucose Monitor GluCall is another painless method of measuring glucose levels, it is worn like a wristwatch and has the ability to give continuous blood glucose readings via the skin. The GluCall also has the capacity to store data for use by your diabetes management team.

 C8 Non-invasive Optical Glucose Monitor

C8-MediSensors, blood glucose metersThis is yet another non invasive glucose monitor that will hopefully hit the open market soon. It uses the power of light, to measure your levels – a painless pulse of light is transmitted into the skin to monitor your levels continuously. The C8 Medisensors have a great battery life, which is always an advantage, getting you through a full day of monitoring.

  • Included are multiple adaptors, for various EU countries
  • USB capabilities, to recharge via your computer
  •  Uses Bluetooth technology connecting your smartphone to C8 Medisensors                        monitors!

 Gluco (M) – Monitors sugar levels using Electric Flow

Another design concept that I’m personally looking out for, very sleek looking monitor, worn on the wrist like a bracelet. It works by tracking your glucose levels through your bodily fluids, using an electric flow.

  •           Also stores data and previous readings
  •           Has the capacity to store insulin cartridges in a small built in chamber.

Definitely be watching closely for this model to come onto the market!

Echo  Therapeutics Non Invasive Glucose Monitor

The ‘Symphony’ is another innovative idea to make life just a bit easier for diabetics. Developed mainly to target the hospital and critical care patients requiring constant blood glucose monitoring. We at Diabetes Healthy Solutions, will keep a close eye on all further developments regarding all the Non Invasive Glucose Monitors mentioned here, let’s all hope we start to see some on the market very soon for all of us to benefit from! Read on for more info.


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