What is Childhood Diabetes Syndrome?

Childhood Diabetes Syndrome

childhood diabetes syndrome

What is Childhood diabetes syndrome? Childhood diabetes symptoms is a very serious condition. This affects everyone in their family and who comes in contact with them. Diabetes is one of the worlds most dangerous conditions killing many people. It is taking over the world by storm, with today’s sugary stuffed foods just fueling it.

It is becoming as much of a health concern as AIDS and things like Ebola and looks to not be stopping any time soon. Diabetes is where the pancreas organ, a major organ in the body, is not creating the amounts of insulin hormone that is needed by the body.

The insulin is a special chemical/ hormone that are used by the body to transform the blood glucose (sugar) in the blood into a fuel that the body’s cells are able to use. Without the needed amounts of insulin something bad happens. First the body gets no fuel that it needs and thus starts to weaken, second the blood glucose levels start to rise to high levels.

Once they reach a certain high level they begin to cause severe damage to the cells in the body. The most commonly damaged cells are the heart, nerve, eye, and kidney cells. The worst thing is that all the damage that is done is permanent and cannot and will not be reversed. This damage will also not be discovered till years after the damage has been done. But this can be avoided if the diabetic can manage to keep a low and safe blood sugar level, like that of a healthy person.

Childhood diabetes syndrome is just diabetes. But this form is in children. Generally the child is born with the defective gene and it is not noticed till later in the Childs life. This is what childhood diabetes syndrome is.

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