What causes diabetic foot swelling?

diabetes foot swelling
diabetes foot swelling

What causes diabetic foot swelling? For diabetics their feet are very important. They suffer from swelling, infection, and numbness. All of which makes life very uncomfortable. Diabetes is a disease where the body suffers from high blood sugar. It is caused by the pancreas producing small amounts or none of the chemical called insulin.

This chemical is responsible for the reactions that take place in order to fuel the body. The glucose (sugar) in the blood is transformed into the fuel that the body’s cells can use by insulin. So when insulin amounts are low or non-existent glucose amounts soar. When glucose levels are high the body suffers damage such as kidney damage, heart damage, nerve damage, and blindness. These make the life of the diabetic painful later in life.

Diabetes can cause many damaging effects such as diabetes foot swelling, bone infections, nerve damage, blocked blood vessels, blisters, calluses, and collapsed joints. Bone infection is cause by all the other symptoms and can be very serious, or even life threatening. Nerve damage occurs when the excessively high glucose levels for extended periods of time damage the nerves, especially the nerves of the lower extremities. When these nerves are damaged it is called peripheral neuropathy and can be characterized by pain and or numbness in the feet. This numbness can be a contributing factor to wounds and sores on the feet as the decreased sensation causes the diabetic to not be able to sense damage to the foot. The decreased sensation can also cause the diabetic to not be able to support themselves as they normally would and this can lead to falls and injuries to the feet ankles and knees. When the blood vessels of the lower extremities are blocked and circulation decreases it can cause damage at the cellular level as the cells are unable to receive oxygen and nutrients from the blood. All of these symptoms are made worse by the fact that slow healing is also a sign of diabetes and infections are common. Diabetes foot swelling, nerve damage, and other problems can lead to a greatly decreased quality of life, and the key to heading off the worst effects is appropriate glucose control.

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