Homeopathic Treatment for Diabetes

There are many home remedies for diabetes, and herbal supplements for diabetes type 2, (some you may never have heard of!) Diabetes mellitus mainly Home remedies for diabetes, homeopathic treatment for diabetesaffects the blood glucose levels and utilization of glucose as energy in the body. Glucose is vital for building up muscles and it also acts as fuel for numerous brain functions. However, the blood glucose level is usually high in diabetic conditions and it might cause serious health problems or even death. Homeopathy is one of the treatments for diabetes and it can improve the health of patients and also aid in achieving control over the blood glucose level.

Some of the most Effective Natural Remedies for Diabetes include:

 Uranium nitrate

The use of uranium nitrate as a Homeopathic treatment for diabetes originated due to dyspepsia. The signs and symptoms of dyspepsia include; polyuria, home remedies for diabetes, home medicine for diabetespolydipsia, dry skin and dryness in the mouth. Uranium nitrate lessens the sugar level in urine and also reduces frequent urination. However, people under this treatment will feel thirsty frequently and also experience an increased appetite. Despite the increased food consumption, such individuals will still lose weight. Fatigue is also common for patients under this treatment. An example of this treatment method is Syzygium jambolanum. However, it is vital to consult a homeopathic doctor in order to ensure that this treatment suits your body and the stage your diabetes is at.


Phosphorus is another one of the home remedies for diabetes – very beneficial for pancreatic disorders including diabetes. This treatment is also very useful when diabetes occurs with other conditions including tuberculosis and gouty diathesis. It gets rid of symptoms such as sudden dryness in the mouth, thirsty, feeling, emaciation and frequent urination. Examples of this treatment method in homeopathy medicine include natrum sulphuricum and arsenicum. Arsenicum is effective for reducing thirst and diabetic gangrene. On the other hand, natrum sulphuricum is used for hydrogenic constitution and dry mouth.

Use of lactic acid in Homeopathic Treatment for Diabetes.

This homeopathic treatment  method is highly effective in treating diabetes that is associated with any gastro-hepatic conditions. Symptoms such as

  • constant and frequent hunger,
  • thirst with nausea and
  • frequent urination, show that patients need this treatment.natural remedies for diabetes This homeopathic remedy reduces chronic pain, dryness in the mouth and dryness in the skin which are typical symptoms for gastro-hepatic diabetes. This symptom can be used along with acetic acid as well as carbolic acid to improve diabetic symptoms.


Long before the effects of insulin on diabetic patients were proven, pancreatic juice was often used to treat diabetes in homeopathy. The pancreatic juice should be administered along with water under supervision in doses of 10-20 drops. Supervision is very important in order to avoid overdosing especially in this treatment method. A small dose of pancreatic juice has a huge effect. Pancreatic juice is one of the best homeopathic treatment for diabetes.


Bryonia is a native European perennial  vine with red berries and white flowers. The root of the Bryonia plant is used in healing. It has a  bitter smell and strong taste.  Bryonia is also known as devil’s turnip.

Homeopathic treatment for diabetes, natural herbs for diabetes

This treatment method is highly effective especially for diabetic patients who are also affected by hepatic disorders. Hepatic disorders cause difficulty in eating which might result in fatigue and tiredness. Patients may also experience general weakness, bitter taste in the mouth and dryness in lips. The tongue will also become flabby and the patient might suffer from mood disorders as well. This remedy can also be used to treat various digestive disorders.

It is vital for diabetes to be diagnosed and treated early in order to avoid further complications. If left untreated, diabetes can damage tissues that are vulnerable to the effects of high blood sugar levels such as the eye, kidney, large blood vessels and the nerves. Remember, It is essential to eat well and take regular exercise for good health. This, along with the numerous natural remedies for diabetes will certainly improve and help to reverse your condition.



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