What are symptoms of diabetes in dogs?

symptoms of diabetes in dogs
symptoms of diabetes in dogs

What are symptoms of diabetes in dogs? Symptoms of diabetes in dogs are things that should be noticed at once. These symptoms show of a very dangerous condition that kills 1 out of 4 canines. If caught early on, its damage can be reversed –  but if not the dog will die or be crippled for life.

Diabetes is a condition that appears in dogs, humans, and even cats. This condition is where the pancreas fail to produce the amounts of a very serious hormone/chemical known to most as insulin.

Insulin is a chemical/ hormone that are used by the body’s systems to turn the sugar in the blood stream, also called blood glucose, into fuel the cells are able to use. If there is not enough of this very serious hormone the blood sugar/glucose levels in the blood begin to rise.

Once the blood glucose levels reach a certain point around 140 mg/dl the body systems begin to suffer damage to the cells. The most commonly and worst effected systems are the heart, kidney, eye, and nerves. In humans this damage is permanent but it can be reversed somewhat with dogs. So what are symptoms of diabetes in dogs?

Symptoms of diabetes in dogs include several things. Extreme laziness in dogs is a bad sign as it can symbolize not just diabetes but any sickness that the dog is dealing with. Excessive water consumption is caused by the glucose not being used as need be. The last major thing is excessive weight loss or weight gain. This will symbolize that something is wrong. If you suspect diabetes in your dog, check with a veterinarian and have them take a look before it is to late. So now you know a little more about the symptoms of diabetes in dogs.

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