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One Touch Blood Sugar

One Touch Blood SugarMy grandmother is a diabetic and she has been on insulin for over 16 years now. Over the years I have seen her try many different meters and always had the same looks and same experience with each one.

The idea of pain and agony and not wanting to take her blood. Around three months ago, she started using the one touch blood sugar meter or the one touch ultra mini.

This came in a large box and had the Mini Meter, a lancing device, test strips, lancets, a bottle of control solution, an owner’s manual, logbook, a quick start guide, and One Touch Management Software. She really likes the True Track system, and as she gets the test strips for free, she wanted to continue using it.

The meter is silver gray with a large display screen in the middle. To the right it has the up and down buttons. To the left is the test port, where the test strips are inserted. The meter measures four inches in length and only one inch in width. The 54 page owner’s manual explains how to set the date, time, etc., and also to ensure you have the correct code to match with the test strips. It guides you through these steps.

I love going to her house and reading the instruction manual even though I am not a diabetic myself but it allows me to gain more knowledge just about the one touch blood sugar meter but also allows me to gain more knowledge about diabetes itself so that when I am asked a question or need to help someone out then I can. Why not try the one touch blood sugar meter, one that will work for you and help you?