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Do you know what the normal hemoglobin a 1 c levels are?

normal hemoglobin a1c

normal hemoglobin a1c

Do you know what the normal hemoglobin a 1 c levels are? Normal hemoglobin a 1 c, or glycated hemoglobin test, is a test used to determine how your diabetes is being controlled.

Normal hemoglobin a 1 c test.

 This test provides an average for your blood sugar over a six to twelve week period. This along with the results from your at home tests (if you keep a chart, which is advised) are used by your doctors to see if any changes can be made to your medications.

Diabetes is where the pancreas produces too little insulin. The chemical known as insulin is used to turn glucose in the body into fuel. If glucose (sugar) levels are too high, due to too little insulin, it can damage the body. The results of this are blindness, heart disease, nerve damage, and kidney failure all of which can be life threatening of make life uncomfortable.

The normal a 1 c test is used to measure the hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the substance inside the cells that carries the oxygen throughout the body. When the glucose levels are too high the glucose binds with the hemoglobin becoming glycated. If you haven’t controlled your blood sugar or tests have been higher the test will reveal the past 120 day average. For normal people with diabetes the hemoglobin test should be around 4% to 6%. Diabetics should shoot for normal glucose levels in the normal hemoglobin a 1 c test to be below 7% as anything above this and you increase the chance of diabetic damage. Experts say that a diabetic that has their diabetes under control to have this procedure done 2 times a year, while those who don’t have their diabetes under control should go more often.