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Do you suffer from Diabetic foot numbness?


diabetic foot numbness

diabetic foot numbness

Diabetic foot numbness is a symptom of the disease diabetes. It happens when the nerves inside the foot become damaged due to lack of blood and necessary oxygen. This happens to almost 70% of all diabetics. This can happen with one or both of the feet. Diabetic foot numbness can also lead to many other serious health issues but is in itself harmless. Diabetic foot numbness can cause serious infection, inflammation, malignancy, and other abnormal processes. Diabetic foot numbness has also been linked to increases in stroke and heart attack. Diabetic foot tingling often appears before the foot or toes go numb and can fell like needles being inserted in to the foot.

Diabetic foot numbness is very common for those who have diabetes as the disease damages nerves and can leave the foot’s nerves in a bad condition. Many other things are also linked to the numbness of the foot such as diabetic foot swelling. The nerve damage that takes place in the foot can also be a bad sign for other nerve issues. The specific damage done to the foot can also occur to any organ system in the body and any nerve.

There are no treatments for this. Because of the damage that can be done by not being able to feel pain doctors suggest a few things for those with diabetic foot numbness neuropathy. Those with it should check their feet daily to see cuts and sores. (If you experience foot numbness talk to a doctor) In order to break new shoes in wear them for a few hours a day for a few weeks. Diabetic shoes are also suggested since them and extra help to deal with this issue. So see if you can find help with your diabetic foot numbness.