The Non Invasive Glucose Meter

Besides the inconveniences associated with being diabetic, such as monitoring what and when you eat, the greatest inconvenience is monitoring the blood sugar

non invasive glucose meterlevel. Nobody enjoys pulling out their meter consistently and having to prick their skin constantly in order to take a blood sample!

However, the development of the non invasive glucose meter is changing all that. This means that you don’t have   to stick your skin in order to get a blood sample. This is highly beneficial especially from a pain viewpoint and also because constantly sticking leads to the formation of scar tissue on your fingers. This makes it more difficult to get a blood sample and it requires sticking your finger deeper and harder.

Non Invasive Blood Sugar Monitoring Device

This exciting development in diabetes technology, will soon be available, in styles like the glucowatch, which is designed to be worn on the wrist. These meters work by drawing interstitial fluid through the sweat glands in the skin by using a small electric current. This electric current is so small that the only real discomfort associated with using the device is some possible irritation caused by wearing the device around the wrist or arm, and this is usually no more uncomfortable than wearing a large watch or MP3 player.

There’s loads of ADVANTAGES when it comes to the Non Invasive Glucose Meter

1. Ear clip                                                                                                     

Non Invasive Glucose MonitorWhether the device measures your blood glucose level using ultrasound or spectroscopy (light technology), the device will clip on your ear as you take the measurements.




2. Data storage                                                                                           

blood glucose machines

Every patient wants to see and categorize progress; therefore, devices such as the GlucoTrack can store thousands of readings and you can look at any particular range of dates.



3. Small and portable:                                                                            

diabetes testing machine A non invasive glucose meter is portable, small, cute  and handheld. The compact design of these devices offers a high level of privacy and diabetics can live discreetly.




4. A fast read                                                                                              

The devices boost convenience because you will get accurate readings of your blood sugar level in less than 10 seconds. Therefore, these devices provide a fast, highly discrete and simple testing experience. Moreover, testing can be done anywhere and at any time and the data sent securely to your tablet or Smartphone.

5. Living smart                                                                                           

glucometer without pricking

The non invasive glucose meter such as the Glucowise  use smart cloud technology and applications that deliver personalized alerts and advice helping you to manage your condition fully. For instance, intelligent analytics uses your historical and current data to forecast trends in the blood glucose level. This enables you to adjust your food and medication intake according to how you are feeling and your activities.!



6. Living affordably                                                                                   

With a no stick glucose meter, you can test your blood glucose level as often as you want without worrying about the pain or cost.

7. Living safe                                                                                               

Besides being highly reliable, a non invasive glucose meter offers high standards for accuracy and you can easily avoid the sudden and dangerous hypoglycemic events.

 By using this type of glucose meter you can have a blood glucose reading every 20 minutes for up to a 12 hour period and as many as four thousand readings can be stored in memory and viewed at the touch of a button. These types of glucose meters can also be set to alert you if your blood sugar gets too high or too low.

Latest Developments on the Non Invasive Glucose Meter.

This type of technology is brand new, and while there have been quite a few different styles and prototypes developed,  none are FDA approved as yet, but that should change in the not too distant future!  Imagine…no more constant finger pricks, leaving us all with sore and swollen fingers – we’ll keep you posted as to when we can expect the non invasive glucose meter to  be available commercially just follow this link for more info.

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