Diabetic Watches

Nowadays, diabetic watches (also know as the glucose watch) are designed to be worn on the wrist just like a wristwatch. This is a non invasive procedure where the monitor checks the level of blood glucose by inducing a painless electric shock that draws interstitial fluids from the skin pores in order for the to obtain the blood glucose level.

diabetic watches

diabetic watches

Besides being painless, and it has no side effects, the devices can be used at any time of day and as regularly as you wish. The monitor records the readings and it can also be set to alarm in case the readings are too low or too high. Diabetic watches have made it quite easy to track changes throughout the day.

Tips for purchasing Diabetic Watches                   

1. Result speed We are living in a fast paced society where we want everything to be instant. Therefore, it is vital to purchase a diabetic watch band that guarantees instant results. Most glucose monitoring systems take less than 15 seconds to display the results.

2. Ease of use The display should be large enough in order for results to be clearly displayed and avoid reading errors. This is very helpful especially for people who have poor eyesight. Keep in mind, that too many buttons or features could turn out to be overwhelming especially for the elderly.

3. Memory In case you want to store the history of your blood sugar readings your diabetes monitoring device must have the memory function. Some glucose monitoring systems also have data ports. This allows diabetes patients to download their historical blood sugar readings to their personal computers for detailed analysis.

Diabetic Watches

Diabetic Watches

4. Batteries Check the charging life of the batteries and the type of batteries required. Some monitors use batteries that are readily available in most stores whereas others use batteries that are only available in specific places.

Diabetic watches and the companies that manufacture them.   

1. GlucoTrack This device was developed by Integrity Application and it uses three main technologies: conductivity, heat capacity and ultrasonic. The device comprises of a transmitter, main unit, processor, receiver, and an ear clip that contains sensors. GlucoTrack DF-F model received CE-Mark approval in June 2013 and Integrity application can sell this device in all the 28 European member states. Integrity Application hopes to submit GlucoTrack DF-F to regulators in USA as soon as possible. Moreover, the company plans to conduct various clinical studies in USA in the second half of 2014.

2. Symphony Symphony was developed by Echo-Therapeutics and it is a biochemical sensor based trans-dermal continuous monitoring system that reads and interprets the glucose level measurements.

3. Multi-sensor glucose monitoring system This system was developed by researchers at Solianis Monitoring and it delivers continuous data on blood glucose variations using the OpticalBridge technology.

Diabetic Watches


4. LighTouch Technology This device uses a technology that projects a spectrum of light into the patient’s finger. The device analyzes the colored light that is re-projected from the finger in order to measure the blood glucose level. Although Glucowatch was approved for use in USA by the FDA in August 2002, this decision was reversed in 2007. Non invasive glucose monitoring means that it is not necessary to prick your skin in order to get blood samples. Besides eliminating the pain completely, it is a simple way to avoid formation of scar tissue.A diabetic watch is a great accessory especially when it comes to taking proper care of diabetes patients. These gadgets and accessories are vital when it comes to

  • safe monitoring,
  • tracking,
  • management of diabetes in order to ensure that other medical problems and complications do not arise.

If left untreated, diabetes can easily cause grave medical complications.

Here at Diabetes Healthy Solutions, we are monitoring the advancements in technology closely, with regard to Diabetic Watches so visit us regularly for further updates.  

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