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Top 3 Non Invasive Glucose Meters 2016

Here’s the latest on the Top 3 Non Invasive Glucose Monitors 2016

The routine activity of pricking fingers to monitor blood glucose levels is quite hectic for most people with diabetes. Despite this dreadful daily process, the management and control of diabetes is very important.  Fortunately, new glucose meters that don’t require blood, for checking blood glucose levels are being developed by numerous companies around the globe, as we speak – welcome relief  for many, many diabetes sufferers.

  1. FreeStyle Libre 

FreeStyle Libre by Abbott is an entirely new glucose monitoring concept that provides much greater data than CGM (continuous glucose monitors). The readings are provided by simply scanning a sensor instead of pricking your finger.

Main advantages of FreeStyle Libre

  • Lightweight and compact to carry around
  • It provides a graph of how glucose levels are varying just like a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor)
  • Users can see how much results are trending downwards or upwards by simply scanning the sensor.
  • The FreeStyle Libre sensor is waterproof for 30 minutes in up to 1 meter.
  • More affordable than continuous glucose monitors.
  • The backlit color touch screen can be read in the dark

One of the main benefits of FreeStyle Libre is that it stores up to 90 days of data and you can easily analyze your glucose trend over three months.

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  1. GlucoWise

GlucoWise allows the concentration of blood sugar to be measured at the blood capillary level. Blood glucose levels are measured by a non-invasive technique by transmitting low-power radio waves (65 GHz) sections of the body such as the earlobe or between the forefinger and thumb. Besides having adequate blood supply, the tissue in these areas is thin enough for the radio waves to pass through.

The radio signals are received by a receiver that collects and analyzes data about the characteristics of your blood. User data is digitally encrypted and transmitted via Bluetooth 4.0 to ensure that user data is never shared with third parties. Data can also be uploaded to secure online database or transmitted to computers using a USB port. Although GlucoWise is still in development, it is expected to be available in late 2016.

  1. Dexcom G5 CGM mobile system

    Dexcom G5 is a CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) system that is approved for both adults and children two years and older. Dexcom G5 mobile uses Bluetooth technology that is built into a transmitter that allows for remote viewing of blood glucose levels and trends from compatible smart devices. Users can monitor glucose data by using a Dexcom mobile receiver or the Dexcom G5 mobile app. Bloodless Glucose Meter

Benefits of the Dexcom G5 mobile system

  • Its small sensor measures blood sugar levels just underneath your skin.
  • The transmitter is secured on top of the sensor in order to send in order to send data to your receiver or compatible smart device.
  • Either the Dexcom receiver or a compatible mobile device will display glucose trends in a colorful display so you can easily see when it’s within range, high or low.

With Dexcom G5, users will be alerted directly on their smart devices when they’re heading too high or too low. Moreover, alerts can be customized to appear as text messages for additional privacy and discretion.

Fantastic news, for the diabetes industry, and for everyone patiently waiting in the Diabetes Community too!


FDA Approved – Abbot’s FreeStyle Pro Bloodless Glucose Meter

Abbot’s FreeStyle Libre Pro System Receives FDA Approval For Medical Practitioners To Use With Diabetes Patients.

On 28th September 2016, Abbot announced that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) had approved the FreeStyle Libre Pro System, a bloodless glucose monitor for use by healthcare professionals on diabetes patients.

The system is designed to empower physicians to provide better management of diabetes. The system provides physicians with a clear visual snapshot of blood glucose data, commonly known as AGP (Ambulatory Glucose Profile). Besides giving a more clear and simplified view of the blood glucose levels, healthcare providers can also see and analyze trends and patterns within those glucose levels. This information has proven to be very valuable because it helps doctors make customized treatment plans for diabetes patients and at a lower cost compared to other continuous glucose monitoring products available in the market today.

FreeStyle Libre Pro makes a massive transformation in the way healthcare providers assess diabetes patients especially when it comes to critical decisions around nutrition, medication and insulin. This innovative technology provides a viable solution to the challenges that come with the need for dependable and complete blood glucose data. This data is vital for the doctor to help the patient achieve optimal health.

How does the FreeStyle Libre Pro System Work?

The FreeStyle Libre Pro system is applied to diabetes patients by healthcare practitioners in a hospital or clinic setting. The doctor applies a very small sensor on the back of the diabetes patient’s upper arm. The round water resistant sensor is held firmly in place with an adhesive pad and remains on the patient’s arm for 14 days. During this period, the device does not require any patient interaction or the need for patients to calibrate the sensor or draw blood via a fingerstick.

The sensor measures glucose continuously in interstitial fluid via a very small filament that is usually inserted just under the patient’s skin. This enables the sensor to record glucose in 15 minutes intervals capturing about 1,340 blood glucose results in the 14-day period. The patient returns to the physician after 14 days where the physician will scan the sensor using a FreeStyle Libre Pro reader and download the glucose results stored in the patient’s sensor. The 14 days’ worth of blood glucose results can be scanned and downloaded in as little as 5 seconds.

Advantages of the FreeStyle Libre Pro System compared to other CGM systems

  1. Provides reliable blood glucose data

Doctors receive 14 days’ worth of continuous blood glucose data that is based on uninterrupted day-to-day routines of diabetes patients.

  1. Convenient for patients and doctors

Since the FreeStyle Libre Pro does not require any fingerstick calibrations, there is no need for diabetes patients to be trained on calibration. Once the sensor has been applied, there is no need for patients to interact with the system in any way.

  1. Reduces equipment cost and time

Besides costing less than other CGM products, with the FreeStyle Libre Pro system the physician only needs to buy one specific reader for several patients without the need to spend on extra transmitters, receivers and recorders, or devoting time to disinfect or recharge other components.

Ambulatory Glucose Profile report

The system provides physicians and their patients with an AGP (Ambulatory Glucose Profile) report. The report was developed by the International Diabetes center and it is represented in a user-friendly chart that provides physicians with a complete glycemic view of the patient’s blood glucose trend for the past 14 days.

The Ambulatory Glucose Profile Report helps identify when patients are out of the ideal blood glucose range and provides hyperglycemic and hypoglycemic patterns and trends. These useful insights facilitate meaningful discussions between patients and doctors. This is groundbreaking technology primarily because professional CGM systems have been long considered an expensive and cumbersome technology particularly for Type 1 diabetes patients.

The new FreeStyle Libre Pro technology is here to change this paradigm because it’s not only unique but also because it does not require fingerstick calibration, it’s more affordable, easier to use and more accessible to diabetes patients.

Abbot has also submitted the FreeStyle Libre Pro system consumer version for review by the FDA. The consumer version of the system is a CGM system that measures blood glucose levels through a very small sensor on the back of the patient’s upper arm for 14 days. Moreover, it does not require fingerstick calibration and patients can self-monitor their blood glucose levels by simply scanning the reader over the small sensor to get a reading as often as desired.


The Bloodless Glucose Meter Review 2015

It might be possible to test your blood glucose level without a finger prick in the near future. Currently there are various companies testing bloodless glucose meters. One of these glucose meters measures blood sugar using light in less than 20 seconds. The landscape of this technology has grown stronger with solid research and several companies have a real shot of introducing the no stick glucose meter to the market.

Bloodless Glucose Meter – Grove Instruments

no stick glucose meter

Grove Instruments’ newest creation is the optical bridge technology that uses near infrared spectroscopy to measure real time blood glucose in less than 20 seconds. The device is battery-operated just like the traditional meter. However, the main difference is that you only have to place on your earlobe or fingertip. The device is one of its kind and it has already been patented. Grove expects this innovation to allow people suffering from diabetes to monitor their blood sugar levels more easily and convenient. The device will also enable doctors to screen people for diabetes and pre-diabetes more quickly.

Does the Glucometer meet accuracy standards? Optical Bridge technology has already surpassed the ISO 15197 clinical trials standard.


Echo Therapeutics

New glucose meters without blood, no blood glucose meter, The Symphony tCGM biosensor that monitors blood glucose levels continuously using a thersdermal sensor was developed by Eco Therapeutics. After placing the biosensor on site, it only needs to warm up for the symphony to transmit the blood glucose level of the user wirelessly to a remote monitor every minute. The monitor keeps track of the rate of glucose changes and the glucose level. Moreover, it provides audible and visual alarms in case the user’s rate of change and blood glucose levels move outside the target range.




OrSense Bloodless Glucose Meter.

bloodless glucose metersOrsense monitors the users’ Blood glucose level using the spectOLight Occlusion Spectroscopy Technology. This bloodless glucose meter has a ring shaped sensor that can be worn on the thumb or any other finger. The ring applies gentle pressure on the finger in order to occlude blood flow. Tests on over 450 diabetic subjects show that this glucose meter performs similar to invasive sensors available in the market.




Cnoga Medical Ltd.

Bloodless glucose meter reviews, glucometer bloodless, bloodless glucose meter,Cnoga medical, a start up in Israel, has developed a bloodless glucose monitor that uses optical sensors to track changes in skin color instead of taking a physical blood sample by pricking the skin. Although this device is already available in Europe, it will probably require further clinical trials in the United States before being sold to diabetics officially. However, the monitor’s technology has already been approved by the FDA (United States Food and Drug administration) for other applications.

Instead of pricking the finger, the patient can simply place a finger on the optical sensor in order for the device to monitor the blood sugar level, skin resistance, the quality of skin collagen and the heart rate.

Arriva Bloodless Glucose Meter

Bloodless glucose meter, talking meter amazonArriva has created a talking meter which has quite useful for the elderly and diabetics whose vision is impaired. Although the Arrive glucose meter does not require finger pricks, it still requires a small blood sample which is presumably from alternate site such as the palm forearm or thigh for calibrating the sensors periodically. The sensor can be placed on the abdomen or upper arm with a special adhesive.

This no stick glucose meter uses interstitial fluid measurements rather than blood glucose and their testing kits are very useful for showing any trends in your blood sugar level. Moreover, the talking meter is easier to use, more accurate and pain free.

Read on for more information on Bloodless Glucose Meters.

Freestyle Libre Pro – NOW HAS FDA APPROVAL – In the USA.