What is American Diabetic Supply?

American Diabetic Supply

American Diabetic Supply

What is American diabetic supply? This is a wonderful place to get your diabetes supplies. This means that you can get your supplies cheaper, which is one hassle you don’t need. Diabetes is a very serious disease that affects 30 million people in the United States alone.

This disease is fueled by large a amount of sweet packed foods and the defective diabetes gene that is being passed on. Diabetes is where the pancreas is failing to produce enough or any of the chemical called insulin. Insulin is a very important hormone to the body. It is used by the body to transform the sugar/glucose in the blood into fuel that the cells can use.

Without the insulin amounts in the blood the cells get no food and the sugar levels start to rise. When the sugar levels reach a level around 140 mg/dl the body starts to suffer damage. The damage that occurs is permanent and will not be reversed. The damage usually occurs to the eye, heart, kidney, and nerves. The foot nerves get the most damage and usually lose their feeling. But this can be mostly avoided if the diabetic can use certain things to rid itself of excess sugar.

American diabetic supply is a company is which you can get your diabetes supplies. The most common needed supply is the glucose test strip. These test strips are only one use and are generally done multiple times every day. So they run out fast. They also have lancets and glucose meters that you can buy. This is great because they have all of the diabetes supplies that you need to stay healthy and fit. So look online and see if American diabetic supply can help you in controlling your blood sugar levels.

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