Normal Random Blood Sugar Levels

Normal random blood sugar levels fall within a standard range of between 70mg/dl to 150mg/dl. This variation can be attributed to various factors including Normal blood Sugar Levels, what are normal blood sugar levels,the time, type and volume of food consumed during previous meals. When you eat foods that are high in carbohydrates, pancreatic secretions of glucagon and insulin regulate the glucose levels. However, the main problem arises when the pancreas does not secrete sufficient amounts of insulin to convert the glucose into energy. The condition of extremely high blood sugar is known as Hyperglycemia which can damage various organs resulting in kidney damage, nerve damage, loss of vision and heart disease. The other extreme of low blood sugar is known as hypoglycemia and the patient might lose consciousness in case the blood sugar level is too low.

In case your blood sugar level does not fall within the normal range, appropriate action should be taken to diagnose the condition. Here are some tests to help diagnose diabetes and help diabetics ascertain how to manage the disease in the best way possible.

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  1. Fasting Blood Sugar Test

This blood sugar test measures the blood glucose level after staying for at least 8 hours without eating or drinking anything except water. The fasting blood sugar level for a healthy person ranges between 70 mg/dl and 100 mg/dl.  If the fasting glucose level exceeds 125 mg/dl for two consecutive tests, the person might be suffering from diabetes.

  1. Random blood glucose test

The random sugar level test can be used to measure the blood glucose level at any time. Blood glucose levels of between 140 mg/dl and 200 mg/dl may signal the onset of diabetes. This condition is known as pre-diabetic. However, the normal blood glucose level should never exceed 200 mg/dl.

  1. Oral glucose tolerance test

This test is usually used to evaluate the body’s response towards sugar. The present blood sugar level is measured first after which a glucose solution (175 gm glucose) is given to the patient. what are normal blood sugar levels, normal glucose levels chart,After this, the blood glucose level should be measured at 30 minutes intervals for six times. For non-diabetics, the blood sugar level does not rise above 140 mg/dl at any time. However, a blood glucose level of between 140 mg/dl and 199 mg/dl indicates that the person might be pre-diabetic. A blood glucose level of 200 mg/dl or more suggests that the person is suffering from full-blown diabetes. The main objective of a glucose tolerance test is to assess the reaction of your body the sudden influx of glucose.

  1. Glycated hemoglobin test

Although the glycated hemoglobin test is not for diagnosis of diabetic conditions, this test shows how well the patient has been managing diabetes for the past 3 months. These normal blood sugar levels should always be less than 7%. In case the level is above 7%, it is vital for the doctor to change your treatment plan.

Managing the blood glucose level  (and maintaining normal blood sugar levels) is a vital aspect of controlling various diabetic conditions. Moreover, you can test your blood sugar from anywhere by simply using the correct equipment and paying attention to directions. You should also keep a good record of your test results in order to identify potential problems.

Help yourself to Maintain Normal Blood Sugar Levels!

You know a lot of diseases can be managed and even reversed, by regular exercise, a good healthy eating plan, (monitored carefully by your health care professional), keeping well hydrated and getting plenty of rest. Read on here for more about Diabetes and Diet.

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