What are Diabetes symptoms in men?

diabetes symptoms in men

diabetes symptoms in men

What are Diabetes symptoms in men? Diabetes is a very serious disease in both men and women. It changes everyone’s lives that come into contact with them. It is also very dangerous and slowly kills the body. There are three main forms of the horrible condition called diabetes. The first and most serious form is where the pancreas organ creates too little of the chemical called insulin. This first diabetes form is usually diagnosed when the person is young and a still a child, generally less than 20 years of age. This first main diabetes form is really hard on a family as it requires full diet changes to everything they eat and do.

The second diabetes form is due to the pancreas not producing enough of the insulin and the body not responding well to the insulin that it is given to it. This diabetes form is also most commonly associated with people who are way overweight and do not exercise enough as their body needs. This second diabetes kind affects more people than any other form of the diabetes condition. This is generally because of the vast amounts of sweet sugar stuffed foods people in the United States and around the world, eat every day of the year.

The third and last main diabetes type is called gestational diabetes and only forms when a woman is pregnant and usually ends after the woman has delivered the baby. The problem with gestational diabetes or any form of the horrible diabetes condition is that it damages the body. The main diabetes damage that is caused by diabetes is permanent and damages the cells of the heart, nerves, eyes, and kidneys; it also increases the chances on getting heart and kidney disease. This serious diabetes damage is all permanent and is usually not noticed till years later.

So what are diabetes symptoms in men?

There are no’specific’ diabetes symptoms in men. The same symptoms in women, apply for men. The symptoms include excessive thirst, excessive urination, hunger, and weight loss. So now you know some of the things to watch  diabetes symptoms in men.

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