High blood sugar numbers

high blood sugar numbers

high blood sugar numbers

High blood sugar numbers vary from person to person for various reasons such as age, family history, ethnic background and taking into consideration what a person eats or their daily sugar intake.

High blood sugar numbers mean that a person is not getting enough insulin to regulate their blood glucose or that their body cannot break up and use all of the sugar that a person intakes on a daily basis. High blood sugar numbers if left untreated can cause the body to start shutting down, organs to start being overworked and a person’s body to go into shock. If a person starts having high blood sugar numbers and leave them untreated or does not administer the proper amounts of insulin when needed the person can start showing symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, stroke, dizziness and even can go into a diabetic coma. Generally a high blood sugar number is considered high if the number falls over 150-177 range, but due to body mass, age and heredity the numbers can vary from person to person.

When a person is first diagnosed as being a diabetic they are asked to monitor their blood glucose readings very closely normally 2-3 times a day because this will allow the doctor and patient to determine what a high blood sugar number as well as a low blood sugar number for that specific patient. If the patient’s blood glucose numbers fall within those categories then they need to contact their doctor or seek treatment immediately, don’t let the symptoms go untreated for long periods of time because if so you could be doing more damage to your body than you realize.

As with any medical diagnosis always listen to your doctor and follow his or her instructions, although it may be difficult their advice can help save your life. So, if you are diabetic what are your high blood sugar numbers?

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