What should your diabetes testing numbers be?


diabetes testing numbers

diabetes testing numbers

Diabetes testing numbers are very important for those with diabetes. In today’s sugar filled world diabetes runs rampant as more and more people inherit the defective gene and become diabetic because of the sweets in the average American diet. Diabetes is a disease where the body’s organ known as the pancreas manufactures too little of a chemical known as insulin. Insulin is used by the body to convert the glucose (sugar) in the blood into fuel that the body can use. When the insulin levels are low the sugar levels are high and this can cause a lot of damage to the body as at too high a level sugar can become a poison killing the body slowly. The damage associated with high blood sugar includes heart damage and the risk of getting heart disease, eye damage/blindness, nerve damage, and kidney damage. These factors make diabetes deadly and very serious. So what should a average persons diabetes testing numbers be compared to that of a diabetic.

Diabetes testing numbers for the average person should be between 60.8 mg/dl and 120.4 mg/dl (depending on the time and amount in the last meal) However with diabetes your diabetic testing numbers can be anywhere from 120.8 to 200 mg/dl. At these levels the body suffers damage. In order to keep the body from reaching these extremes it must be monitored with a blood glucose meter these small machines help the diabetic keep their blood sugar in check. But they may not be enough so talk to your doctor about medications that can be taken to help. Diets are the main ways for diabetics to manage their diabetes testing numbers and can get a good diet plan from their doctor. So talk to your doctor about improving your diabetes testing numbers.

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