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What Number Is Low Blood Sugar For A Diabetic

What number is low blood sugar for a diabetic? That depends on the age of the diabetic and the type of diabetes that he or she has. According to the International Diabetes Federation:.

  • A child with diabetes should have a blood glucose level ranging from 4 to 8 mmol/L.
  • Adults with type 1 or type 2 diabetes should have a blood glucose level ranging from 4 to 7 mmol/L.

What Number Is Low Blood Sugar, low blood sugar levelHowever, a diabetic’s glucose level will always rise right after eating. A child with diabetes may have a blood glucose level of up to 10 mmol/L. Those who have type two diabetes may have a glucose level ranging from 4 to 9 mmol/L while those with type one diabetes should never have a blood glucose level of over 8.5 mmol/L.

 How to Normalize Your Blood Sugar

You should not only focus on what the number of a low blood sugar level is but instead try to maintain a healthy blood sugar average within the ranges mentioned above. As each person is different, seeking advice from a doctor is the first step.

blood sugar range

Blood Sugar Range

Only your doctor will be able to give specific advice regarding diet, exercise and medication.

Eating certain foods may cause blood sugar levels to rise or fall. Dr. Bernstein notes in his book “Dr. Bernstein’s Revised and Updated 2011 Diabetes Solution” that a person with type 1 diabetes should have a low carb diet and get plenty of exercise. The American Diabetes Association notes that a person with type 2 diabetes simply needs to maintain a healthy diet and eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods.

Low Blood Sugar Level and What to do if its too Low?

A person who knows the low blood sugar number will notice when his or her blood sugar level dips too low. If this happens, then eating a candy, drinking fruit juice or taking a glucose tablet will immediately resolve the problem. Those who are prone to low blood sugar should keep the above mentioned around the house, in the car and at the office in case blood sugar levels suddenly drop.

Simple Things You can Do to Control Your Blood Sugar

low blood sugar levelA diabetic should do all that he or she can to maintain healthy blood sugar levels by eating right, exercising and following a doctor’s specific counsel and advice. Knowing what your low blood sugar levels are can help a person avoid the dangerous effects of hypoglycemia. In short, the answer to the question “What number is low blood sugar” is that any number under 4 mmol/L is dangerous.

Blood sugar range, what is a good number for diabetes

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American Diabetes Association Diet Plan

American Diabetes Association Diet PlanIf you have been suffering from diabetes for quite a while, you’ve probably heard of the American Diabetes Association Diet Plan.

This diet plan is designed to assist diabetics in selecting the foods that they eat, so that they can maintain regular blood sugar levels while also getting the required nutrition to maintain a healthy body.

Major Food Groups According to American Diabetes Association Diet Plan

  1. Cereal, whole grains and green breads.
  2. Protein based food such as poultry, egg, fish, meat, dried beans and nuts.
  3. Dairy products like cheese, yogurt, skim milk and low fat milk.
  4. Fruits and vegetables which are a good source of minerals and vitamins.

American Diabetes Association Diet Plan Guideline

One of the keys to eating for diabetics is to try and eat foods that are high in fiber.  This is important because the fiber will help cleanse your body and dispose cholesterol and excessive blood sugar.  When you are cooking use flax seed oil or olive oil.

Avoid foods that are high in fat and refrain from consuming alcohol, because alcohol stays in the bloodstream and its action mimics that of blood sugar. You’re going to need to cut down on the salt intake as well.

American Diabetes Association Diet Plan Food Recommendation

The following foods are considered to be most helpful for diabetics:

  • All kinds of beans – green and black beans, pinto beans and navy beans. Beans are full of protein and energy. One half cup of beans contains equal protein to that in an ounce of meat.
  • Berries – raspberries, blueberries and strawberries are full of antioxidants, vitamins and fibers.
  • Whole grains – avoid flours that are processed too much (pretty much all white flour falls into this overly-processed category) and instead go for the less processed forms like whole wheat and whole grain options. 
  • Tomatoes are good antioxidants and are very versatile since you can simply eat them as they are, peel or slice them, and even add them as toppings in your food. These are rich in iron, Vitamin C and E, and are good for your heart as well.

When choosing food to consume, this diet plan gives you a  solid guideline that you can incorporate quite easily into your lifestyle.


Food for type II diabetes

Food For Type II DiabetesA food for type II diabetes controls calories and focuses on carbohydrates, but all food types and nutrients must be balanced to help keep blood sugar under control.

The food exchange list, developed by the American Diabetes Association and American Dietetic Association, is a guide to how much of each type of food you should eat.

Foods that are nutritionally equivalent are grouped together so that any one food, in the amount listed, can be exchanged for another in the same group. A dietitian can show you how to fit foods from the exchange list into balanced meal plans.

The meat and meat substitute section of the diabetic food exchange list foods that are not meats but supply either animal or vegetable protein in amounts that make them nutritionally equivalent to meats. Examples of meat and meat substitute exchanges include 1 oz. sirloin steak, 1 oz. chicken without skin, 1 whole egg or 2 egg whites, 1/4 cup cottage cheese, and 1 oz. canned tuna.

There are many different food for type II diabetes that one must focus on and in order to be able properly maintain one’s diabetes and health you need to go by these guidelines so that you can not only keep yourself healthy but also keep your blood glucose level maintained. There are many different food for type II diabetes out there and by having the knowledge in order to know which foods to avoid and which ones are the best for you will go a long way.

Eating all of the wrong foods when you are diabetic not only will hurt you health wise but will also help boost your blood sugar levels in order to maintain your diabetes so that you will not have many other medical problems down the road that if left untreated can potentially kill you.


What is a blood glucose diary?

Blood Glucose DiaryWhat is a blood glucose diary? Diabetic log diary is charts used by diabetics to record each test manufactures little or none of the chemical known as insulin. The chemical/hormone Insulin is used to change the glucose (sugar) in the blood into useable cell fuel. The body’s cells can take in the sugar after the insulin as edited it. But when there’s not enough insulin hormone the glucose levels rise to dangerous levels. At high blood sugar levels the body suffers damage because of the excess sugar.

The damage caused by the hypoglycemia is severe heart disease and damage, nerve damage, eye damage, and kidney damage and failure. These effects of severe high blood sugar mean that those who have diabetes must constantly monitor their blood sugar levels so that they stay within safe limits.

Blood glucose diary is very important. They allow your diabetes doctor to monitor your sugar levels an sugar fluctuations and hone your diets and lifestyles to better control your diabetes.

1. The first use of keeping diabetic log diaryss is to monitor your blood sugars changes over time. You can also see what you were doing at that point of the day and how it affected your blood sugar.

2. Your diabetic doctor can see what your blood sugar levels for the day were and what you were doing at that time. This allows him to tell you what you should continue to do and what you should stop doing for your diabetes.

3. You can set a diabetic goal and try to keep to that goal improving your control over your diabetes. The American Diabetes Association supports the use of diabetic log books as they believe they are very helpful. So talk to your doctor about starting a blood glucose diary.


Support groups for diabetes

support groups for diabetes

support groups for diabetes

With so many more people being diagnosed with diabetes these days more and more people are trying to figure out how to take care of themselves, how to manage their diabetes and how to cope with daily life living with an illness or disease as diabetes. More and more support groups for diabetes is popping up all over in order to help people such as you and eye cope with the daily life of having diabetes.

There are many different types of support groups all over the world such as support groups for diabetes, support groups for losing a child, support groups for cancer patients, support groups for losing a spouse and many other types of support groups alike.

Support groups are groups of the same type of people or the same type of people going through the same situation and they need to find support in each other by talking to each other, hearing how the others are coping, feeling and just being able to deal with everyday life.

Support groups for diabetes is the same as a support group for cancer, they are in the same because a person or family that has someone close to them dealing with cancer is the same as someone facing and dealing with diabetes. Diabetes is a disease or an illness that can take a massive toll on someone’s life in who they are, how they live, what they cook, medications that they take and much more in order to manage their diabetes and how they live a healthy life.

Support groups for diabetes are all around and the best way to find a support group near you is to speak to your healthcare provider or local American Diabetes Association and they will help point you in the right direction for you and your diabetes needs.


Free glucose testing meter

free glucose testing meter

free glucose testing meter

Are you a diabetic and been recently laid off from your job, then lost your insurance due to the fact that you were laid off or the company had to downsize or even shut its doors thanks to the low economy? You are not alone, so many people are facing these fears and problems each and every day all over the world and when it comes to not just their bills but also their medical problems it can take a toll. More and more people are being diagnosed with diabetes, but are being faced with the choices on not knowing how they can properly manage them due to being laid off and having no insurance. There are companies out there that can help you by offering free glucose testing meters.

Diabetes is a costly medical illness because having diabetes there are many things that are involved with them such as medication and diabetic supplies and equipment that is needed in order to properly maintain and manage diabetes. There is hope though, many more companies and organizations are offering free glucose testing meters to help alleviate some of the pain and stress.

The American diabetes Association and many other organizations are taking it in their liberty to make sure that people such as those who have been laid off and lost their insurance due to the economy, health, etc. can get all of the diabetic supplies that they need when they need them. For example, by providing free glucose testing meters. The American Diabetic Association just to name one of them is a great company to go to in time of need if you are a diabetic because they take pride in making sure that diabetics get all of their supplies and equipment as they need it when they need it. The American Diabetic Association relies on monetary donations, fundraisers and donations each and every year so that they can help the thousands of diabetics out who need help. So if you or anyone you know needs a free glucose testing meter so that they can maintain and manage their diabetes why not let the American Association help them?


Diabetic meal planner

diabetic meal planner

Are you looking for a great, easy way to come up with a diabetic meal planner? The diabetic meal planner cannot only save you time, stress, hassle and frustration all at the same time.

A diabetic meal planner can be found at various places such as online through many different websites such as the American diabetes association or through companies like bookstores and places that can provide you with diabetic recipes and meals which can help you get going.

A diabetic meal planner really comes in handy during the holidays when you are trying to cook for a large family or just a person that has diabetes and you don’t want them to feel left out due to no sweets or non-tasty food. With a diabetic meal planner you can see how to still cook delicious tasting food so that everyone in the family can enjoy the same thing and no one feels singled or left out. A meal planner will allow you guidelines and rules to follow when it comes to cooking for a diabetic so that you can have a lot of different choices and also be able to use other products such as Sweet in low and Splenda as sugar substitutes instead of regular sugar which can harm the diabetic.

A diabetic meal planner can help anyone, if you are pre-diabetic it can help you start eating better so that you can manage your diabetes and health at the same time as well as help people who are cooking for diabetic patients such as nursing homes, loved ones or a family friend who just wants to do something nice for them.

Why not let a diabetic meal planner help you and work for you so that you can still eat healthy, have tasty foods and help out that diabetic maintain their sugar levels all at the same time?


Free diabetes supply

free diabetes supply

free diabetes supply

Many more companies, people and organizations out there today recognize the need for diabetics to be able to have all that they need in order to safely manage their diabetes. That’s part of the reason that more and more places have started offering free diabetes supplies to those who need them.

Free diabetes supplies have opened up the doors when many other people may have not been able to due to job loss, loss of insurance, financial difficulty or any other reason. Free diabetes supply is a way for people who have lost a loved one due to diabetes, gone through being a diabetic or just feel the need to help to give back. Giving back to the community is a great way to not only feel your void by helping but also a great way to help others who may not be able to help themselves.

With the economy being so slow and so many people losing jobs and insurance many people are being faced on a daily basis to choose from being able to maintain their health and diabetes or eating. With companies and organizations such as the American diabetes association out there they have strived to help so many understand the importance of being able to maintain their diabetes as well as getting diabetics all of the supplies that they need in order to keep healthy.

The American diabetes association has been helping diabetics for many years by helping them get free diabetes supplies in order to manage their diabetes through donations whether it comes from being donating money or people donating supplies and even through fundraisers that they have been in charge of. For so many, without the help of free diabetes supplies they wouldn’t be with us today. So help them, help others and pass along your donations.


Diabetic food log

diabetic food log

diabetic food log

A diabetic food log is a great way to keep your blood glucose readings managed and easily within reach in case something should happen. Diabetic food logs are a great way to keep your numbers handy in case you need to compare your readings with past readings or readings that you doctor may need to see in order to diagnose you for something or help you take care and manage your diabetes.

Diabetic food logs are a great way to write down the foods that you eat for your meals and snacks so that you can them relate them to your blood glucose readings in order pinpoint which foods are the best for your diabetes.

Diabetic food logs are great especially for new diabetics who are having a tough time getting started managing their diabetes. Once you learn you are a diabetic you may have trouble learning what you can and can’t eat because so many different things contain various amounts of sugar while others may not. By keeping a diabetic food log you can know what triggers your sugar and what does not. When a diabetic first starts keeping up with their blood glucose readings it may bounce around a lot but overtime as you learn what to and what not to eat it really helps them because it allows them to learn what is best for them and what may not be.

Diabetic food logs can be printed off online through various websites such as the American diabetes association, diabetic websites, your local pharmacy, your doctor or physician or you can make one yourself. Diabetic food logs need to be kept on a regular basis so that you can keep accurate results of your blood glucose readings. Keeping a food log can help you maintain your diabetes healthy and safely.


Carbohydrate Counting for Diabetics

Carbohydrate Counting for Diabetics

Carbohydrate Counting for Diabetics

The practice of carbohydrate counting for diabetics is a part of the overall health goal of the diabetic to maintain a healthy and full life with a minimal amount of dependency on medications and other types of medical interventions.

Carbohydrate counting for diabetics may even make it possible to manage their diabetes without any medications at all. According to the American Diabetes Association and other reputable sources counting carbohydrates, also known as “counting carbs” is also an excellent way for the diabetic to control their amount of body fat. This is important in that some cases of diabetes simply vanish when excess body fat is eliminated.

The body needs carbohydrates in order to function, due to the fact that carbohydrates are broken down into glucose which is essential for the cells of the body to function. In a normal person carbs are taken in as food, broken down into glucose, and insulin produced by the pancreas cuases the glucose to be able to pass into the cells where it is used as an energy source. In many diabetics, the body either does not produce insulin or is resistant to the action of the insulin produced. This causes glucose to quickly build in the blood to unhealthy levels when too many carbs are taken in.

By limiting the amount of carbohydrates taken in as food the diabetic can, at times, control their blood glucose levels in a healthy and medication free manner enabling them to manage their diseanse more easily. There are many sources form information on which foods are best to eat and which foods are best avoided, what portions are acceptable, and how to plan menus.

The one thing for any diabetic to keep in mind when modifying their diet, is that they must keep track of their blood glucose and the amount of and type of foods that they eat so they can determine how their body reacts to those food choices. Carbohydrate counting for diabetics can, when done correctly, be a highly effective way to manage diabetes related blood glucose abnormalities.