Good blood sugar levels

good blood sugar levels

good blood sugar levels

What is considered to be a good blood sugar level? Good blood sugar levels are a great way of being able to keep up with maintaining your diabetes and keeping your body healthy. Good blood sugar levels are generally been said to be good when they fall in between the 80 to 125 range. Otherwise if they fall below you could be hypoglycemic and if they fall too high then you can be hyperglycemic. Both of which can start causing medical problems which if left untreated can lead to lifelong medical problems.

Good blood sugar levels vary from person to person because everyone is so different. Everyone’s body type is different which makes their blood sugar vary as well. There are general guidelines that have been set by the American diabetes association regarding a criteria in which doctor’s and physicians go by when determining what is considered a good blood sugar level, a low blood sugar level and what is considered high.

By having a chart that allows people to know what their good blood sugar levels are it will allow them to feel good when they meet those areas and they know that they are maintaining their diabetes. After all who wants to worry about their blood sugar numbers all the time when you can find what works best for you so that you can be stress free and know that you have your diabetes under control?

Most of the time when a person first finds out that they are diabetic the doctor will ask them to monitor their blood glucose levels for a certain period of time and then they will have them come back into the office and compare them in order to find what their good blood sugar levels are for them. Make sure you find what your blood sugar levels should be.

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