BD Logic Blood Glucose Monitor

BD Logic Blood Glucose Monitor

BD Logic Blood Glucose Monitor

The Becton-Dickinson company is one of the world leaders in medical equipment supplies and is the supplier of the BD logic blood glucose monitor. The BD logic blood glucose monitor is a one of the new breed of compact glucometers. The BD logic blood glucose monitor is so small that is fits neatly in the palm of the hand and so light at to be practically unnoticed when stowed in a purse of carry bag for easy travelling. The newest BD logic glucose test monitor is a miniature when compared to the bulky meters that were available just a few years ago, and it is so sensitive that it takes only the smallest amount of blood to read the glucose level.

This means that a thinner gauge lancet can be used to obtain the blood sample and this of course means a great deal less discomfort than the meters that were used just a few years ago.

The BD logic blood glucose monitor is also fast. The days of waiting a minute or more for a glucose reading are gone the newer model meters are able to read the blood sugar in just a few seconds.

The BD logic glucose meter can store and recall up to 250 readings complete with a time and date stamp for each reading, and can even be set up to give 7 or 14 day averages in order to make trending and tracking your blood glucose levels quick, simple, and easy.

If you are a diabetic who also uses insulin, the BD glucose test meter even allows you to record your insulin doses for easy tracking and access, so practically all your treatment information can be kept in one place.

If you are in the market for a new glucometer, or if you are newly in need of one, the BD logic blood glucose monitor, like the BD Logic may be one of the best options on the market today.

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