Do you know the signs of being a diabetic?

signs of being a diabetic

signs of being a diabetic

Do you know the signs of being a diabetic? Diabetes is a very serious disease and should be checked out at the first thought of having the disease. Diabetes is where the body produces too little of the chemical known as insulin. Insulin is one of the body’s most important chemicals. It is responsible for the energy that you have. It takes the glucose in the blood and changes it into fuel that the body’s cells can use.

So when the pancreas produces to little insulin the glucose levels rise to very high levels. The high glucose levels wreak havoc upon the body damaging the heart, kidneys, nerves, and eventually blindness. Making knowing whether you have or are risk of diabetes a need to know. This is the causes of being a diabetic.

There are many signs of being a diabetic that can tell you of nearing diabetes, including test your doctor can perform to give an accurate diagnose. Many of them may seem normal for a short amount of time but are not normal. Excessive thirst, excessive urination, unexplained weight loss, altered mental status, and excessive eating are all symptoms. Excessive thirst is caused by excessive urination; the body urinates to rid itself of the excess glucose that is damaging it, thus creating the need to replenish the body.

Unexplained weight loss is formed by the body seeking nutrients and glucose that it is not getting but this does nothing because the real problem is with the insulin levels. Excessive eating is caused by the body seeking more energy. The body is then stimulated to take in more food. But this does nothing but fuel the growing glucose levels. Altered mental status is formed when the glucose beings to irritate the body giving irritability, confusion, and anger. So talk to your doctor about signs of being a diabetic. See if you have the signs of being an insulin dependent diabetic too.

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