What Can Diabetics Eat?

what can diabetics eat

what can diabetics eat

What can diabetics eat? It’s the eternal question of those who have been diagnosed with the disease diabetes. The diabetes disease is overwhelming the United States as more and more people pass the defective gene on or basically, eat too much of the wrong foods and fail to do adequate exercise. Diabetes is where the organ known as the pancreas stops or slows in the vital production of chemical called insulin.

Insulin is the chemical responsible for fueling the body. It takes the glucose (sugar) that is in the blood and turns it into fuel that the body’s cells can use. So if there is not enough insulin in the body the amount of glucose in the body rises, and this can have serious health effects that just come to the surface years later. Such as heart damage, nerve damage, blindness, and kidney damage. So for a diabetic managing a correct blood sugar level is very hard and is mostly defined by what they eat.

So what can Diabetics eat?

The amount of food today that is high in sugar and is low in everything else is endless, making it very hard for those who have the disease to get the proper nutrition to manage their condition correctly. The facts are that diabetics generally need a high protein diet with only limited amounts of carbohydrates and very small amounts of sugars. When you factor in the fact that fried foods must be greatly limited, potatoes and white rice are very starchy, and most oily foods are too high in fat the answer to “what can diabetics eat” can be quite challenging.

As a rule, the first person that can say what can diabetics eat is the personal physician of the individual with diabetes. The personal physician will be familiar with the diabetics personal health history and present condition and will be able to give the best advice on what you can and shouldn’t eat. For more healthy choices, read here for some great “super foods” to add to your daily diet.

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