Symptoms of diabetes

symtoms of diabetes

symtoms of diabetes

Have you been having to go to the bathroom more frequently than normal? Can you not keep yourself hydrated? Did you know that these may be signs and symptoms of diabetes? Symptoms of diabetes can vary from person to person but most of the time the signs and symptoms are going to be the same.

Symptoms of diabetes can range from person to person depending on the age of the person. Most younger age people in their early 20’s down will notice themselves wanting drink more often and feeling like that they can’t get enough to drink while others may feel like they are staying in the bathroom all the time with frequent urination.

Once you notice the symptoms of diabetes or symptoms that you think could be diabetes such as frequent urination or constant drinking of fluids when you normally don’t act that way then you may want to consult with your doctor or physician and let them know what is going on so that you can be tested for diabetes.

Often times when you have contacted your doctor about having signs and symptoms of diabetes he or she will have you come in and get a fasting blood glucose test which will require you to come in while you are fasting, generally you will be asked to give a urine sample and then drink glucose drink in a certain time period and then you will be asked to give blood or provide another urine sample. A fasting blood glucose test is painless and very simple to have.

Symptoms of diabetes is generally the same for all ages but may just be seen at various times rather than all at once. For older people is may take longer to show symptoms of diabetes while younger people may experience them all at once.

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