What are diabetic birthday cake recipes?

diabetic birthday cake recipes
diabetic birthday cake recipes

Diabetics have some real problems when it comes to stuff like dessert and birthdays. This condition limits what they can eat in order for them to stay healthy. So anything that is sweet is definitely off limits.

Diabetes is a very serious condition/disease making this a world epidemic. The diabetes condition/disease is where the organ called the pancreas is failing to manufacture the proper amounts of a serious hormone called insulin. The hormone/chemical Insulin is used by the body’s fuel system as a sugar converter.

In order for blood glucose, also called blood sugar, to be used by the cells it must bond with the insulin. Without the proper amounts of the hormone/chemical insulin to bond with the sugar molecules the sugar goes unused. This makes the blood sugar levels in the blood stream start to rise to dangerous high levels. At a certain high blood glucose level around 140 mg/dl the body begins to suffer serious damage to some of its main body systems like the nervous system.

The body’s main systems that are most commonly and severely damage are the heart, kidney, eyes, and nervous systems. Also all the damage that is done to these systems is permanent and cannot be reversed in any way (unless you’re a dog). So this means controlling your blood sugar/glucose is a very serious matter that must be managed every day for the rest of your life. So what are diabetic birthday cake recipes?

Diabetic birthday cake recipes have low amounts, or no sugar, or a natural  sweetener added instead. The best way to get diabetic birthday cake recipes is to talk to a diabetic who has had, or has, children. Or talk to your doctor about it and see what information he can give you about this.

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