What is medication for type 2 diabetes?

medication for type 2 diabetes
medication for type 2 diabetes

What is medication for type 2 diabetes? Medication for type 2 diabetes is medication that helps diabetics control their blood sugar levels better. Diabetes type two affects 20 million people in the United States alone. This disease is raising the eyebrows of most world leaders.

This disease is known as a silent killer because it is not noticed until damage is all ready done. Diabetes type 2 is where either the pancreas is not working effectively or at all. one of the pancreas most important jobs is that it produces a very important hormone called insulin. The chemical insulin is used by the body’s systems to transform the sugar/glucose in the blood into fuel that the body’s cells are able to use. Without enough of this hormone the sugar/glucose is not used and it begins to build up to dangerous levels.

These dangerous levels are around 140 mg/dl. At this level the heart, eyes, kidney, and nerves start to suffer damage. This damage is permanent and cannot be reversed. Often the damage that is done isn’t felt until years down the road. So this means that controlling your blood sugar is very important and a major problem. So what is medication for type 2 diabetes?

Medication for type 2 diabetes is used to help control your blood sugar. Some of these medications are absolutely necessary while others are not. Insulin is the most common diabetes medication. This injected medication is the same as the insulin created by the pancreas and helps the body with its sugar problems. Most medications are not prescribed until it is noticed that they can’t get their blood sugar levels down by themselves. These medications may damage the kidneys but are usually safe to take. So talk to your doctor about medication for type 2 diabetes and see what he says.

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