The uses of the diabetic testers


diabetic testers

diabetic testers

For diabetics having and knowing how to use diabetic testers is vitally important. Diabetes is a disease in which the organ known as the pancreas stops or slows in the production of a chemical known as insulin. This chemical is responsible for all of the body’s energy. It takes the glucose (sugar) in the blood and changes it into energy that the body’s cells can use. If the insulin is low or nonexistent the blood sugar rockets to dangerous levels, at such high levels the body becomes damaged. The damage that can occur when the sugar levels in the blood are to high include; heart damage and disease, nerve damage, kidney damage and failure, and eye damage. The uses of diabetic testers are now evident when you take this into consideration. So how does it work?

Diabetic testers also known as blood glucose meter are small (generally) handheld devices that are used to measure the amount of sugar in the blood. First the finger, (or thanks to better technology) the arm, Is pricked with a small needle that draws a small amount of blood. The blood is then placed in a small plastic strip that is inserted into the unit. The unit then measure the sugar in the blood and displays the results on a small easy to read screen. This allows you to check your blood sugar at any time and keep your blood sugar in safe levels. One of the most important things when getting a meter is that you know how to use it correctly and that you are comfortable with it because your life depends on it. If you don’t have the ability to get diabetic testers can talk to your doctor and he may be able to help with getting free diabetic testers.

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