Foods with Glucose


foods with glucose

foods with glucose

In our present age when it seems that every aisle is covered with brightly colored wrappers and packages that be your attention and call out to you purporting to be the perfect food is is no wonder that foods with glucose are so prevalent. Glucose is a simple sugar that is needed as fuel by every cell in the body and if all goes well with the way the body handles glucose intake and metabolisis glucose can be a good thing. However in persons with diabetes glucose intake must be severely limited in order to maintain a healthy blood sugar.

Glucose, as a simple sugar is one of the chief building blocks of carbohydrates and therefore it is easy to know that foods that are high in carbohydrates are also foods that contain glucose as the body simply breaks the carbs down into glucose once it is ingested. This means that dairy products, potatoes, breads, pastas, potatoes and rice are some of the foods that contain the most glucose and can quickly elevate glucose levels in the body. Fruits are perhaps the best source of glucose as they generally contain the simplest of sugars and are excellent sources of glucose. Meats and fish as a general rule are not foods that contain glucose, as they are primarily sources of protein, though many cured, smoked, canned, and processed meat products have some form of sugar added and this makes them…you guessed it…foods that contain glucose.

Though glucose is absolutely essential for fuel to keep the body going, it must be remembered that too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. In a normal person, excess glucose is converted into fat and stored for use later, this results in weight gain. In cases of diabetes and other metabolic problems which effect insulin production or use glucose levels can rise to the point where this simple sugar can begin to damage organs and body systems and result in coma, or even death. Foods that contain glucose are an absolute essential for life, but their intake should be done with sense and moderation.

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