Exercise for diabetics

exercises for diabetics

exercises for diabetics

Exercise for Diabetics is Vital!

There are many different types of exercise for diabetics, such as running, walking, aerobics, swimming and almost anything else that a healthy person can do. Exercise is extremely beneficial, more so if you have diabetes, as it can help you maintain your blood glucose levels as well helping you maintain a healthy weight and in return, a healthy lifestyle.

Muscles all need fuel, but where do they get it from? Resting muscles happily use fatty acids to provide most of their needs. However, when you start exercising those muscles, they need more fuel and so start to use glucose.

The more you exercise them the more glucose they need. The first place they get this from is the glycogen stored in the muscles themselves but this soon runs out and they then start to use glucose from the bloodstream.

If that runs out there is always the liver to rely on. It has stores of glycogen that it can break down into glucose and send to the bloodstream or it can break down proteins and fats to make more glucose to do the same with. If the liver was not available to supply the extra glucose like this, hypoglycemia would occur in even normal people after about half an hour of exercise.

Exercise for diabetics goes hand in hand, about the same as bacon and eggs! A diabetic cannot expect to keep their diabetes maintained and properly taken care of without exercising and eating the right types and amount of foods. A diabetic needs exercise like a kid wants candy, they both are a necessity in order to get through life.

Exercise for diabetics is a necessity in order to keep your blood glucose levels where they should be.

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