Blood glucose ranges

blood glucose ranges

blood glucose ranges

Blood Glucose Ranges

These will vary from person to person but most will fall into the normal range of 70-100 before a person is considered diabetic. There are many factors to take into consideration before a person is classified as being diabetic such as family history, age, gender and weight just to name a few.

In most normal individuals blood sugar is measured under different circumstances. Fasting blood sugar levels or glucose levels are normally done between six and eight hours after the last meal. Most frequently a blood glucose range will be tested before breakfast in the morning.

After we eat a meal the blood glucose level will rise and won’t generally get above 135 to 140. If a blood glucose level gets below 100 it is referred to as being hypoglycemic or a person with low blood sugar while if it gets up above 140, a person is referred to as being hyperglycemic which means that person falls into the high ranges.

When it comes to blood glucose ranges it is key and essential to keep yours healthy, managed and maintained so that you don’t suffer from other medical problems that may arise such as kidney failure, stroke, heart attack, weakness, infections, neuropathy, poor eyesight and many other problems as well.

You are only given one body, so why throw that away when all you need to do is take care of it and make it last, giving you many more happy and healthy years

With the proper amount of diet and exercise you can have normal blood glucose ranges and be able to maintain your diabetes as well as your health all at the same time.

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