Facts on What is Good Blood Sugar Level

What is good blood sugar level?

This is a question everyone should know the answer to. A blood sugar test measures the amount of a particular type of sugar, glucose, in the blood. Knowing and maintaining a normal blood sugar level ensures that the body continues to function properly. It is also important to know what levels indicate high or low blood sugar levels. They could be indicators of other underlying conditions.

Test that Determines What a Normal Blood Sugar Level is.

What is Good Blood Sugar Level, normal glucose levelBlood tests vary depending on when blood is taken. The fasting blood sugar test is done after going eight hours without eating or drinking anything except water.

This is usually done before breakfast or a morning dose of insulin is taken. Good blood sugar levels are expected to fall between 70 and 99 milligrams per deciliter. If it is 126mg/dL or more, it is high. If it is 40mg/dL it is too low.

Post-Meal blood sugar level is done exactly two hours after you start to eat your last meal. This level is expected to be higher than at any other time. This is because it takes about two hours for any carbohydrates you have eaten to be converted into glucose and absorbed into the blood. Normal blood sugar levels range between 70 and 145 milligrams per deciliter. Random tests are done to measure blood sugar level at any time of the day. If sugar levels are normal then the results will not vary much. Normal blood sugar levels range from 70 to 125 mg/dL. If it is 200ml/dL, it is too high.

What It Means When Test Shows Levels are Above or Below Normal Blood Sugar Levels

When blood sugar level is high, it could mean that there is insufficient insulin in your blood. Diabetes may be the cause of this. If glucose levels remain high, it could cause damage to the eyes, kidneys and nerves. Other tests will have to be done to accurately determine whether you have diabetes. When levels fall below what is good blood sugar level, it could indicate high amounts of insulin in your system. This comes about due to the presence of a tumor that is releasing too much insulin, malnutrition, eating disorders, or hypothyroidism.

normal glucose level,   Importance of Knowing Normal Blood Sugar Levels

It is important to know what range your blood sugar should be in. To fully appreciate the importance of this, you should know what higher and lower levels mean to your health. Simple blood tests can be carried out to determine these levels. Some of the tests require a bit of preparation, but the casual (random) test needs none. Before concluding that you have any other underlying condition, it is advisable that you have a doctor carry out more tests to accurately measure your blood sugar levels.

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