Meal planning for diabetics

meal planning for diabetics

meal planning for diabetics

When it comes to going on vacations or holidays it can often times seem overwhelming and confusing especially if you are trying to take care of meal planning for diabetics.

I know for me personally I have several diabetics in my family such as my grandmother and it often times can get discouraging trying to make sure we have meals that we all can enjoy but that won’t affect her sugar. For diabetics it can get tricky but the key part is not to let it get to you and impact how you feel about the situation.

When it comes to meal planning for diabetics or her in general I will make my meals ahead of time and not add any sugar to my baked beans, green beans or any other dish until I pull her a few spoonfuls out into a separate container so that she has her own without sugar. After, I remove her some food without the sugar then I can add any type of seasoning that I would like to the rest of the food. This will prevent her from having too much sugar but also allow her to eat what the rest of us is eating without feeling left out.

Meal planning for diabetics can be tricky around the holidays because there is so many different, yummy, sugary foods and deserts to eat and fix so I try to buy sugar substitutes such as Splenda or Sweet in Low and use instead of regular sugar because diabetics are allowed to use sugar substitutes.

Meal planning for diabetics can be rather challenging but by knowing what you can and can’t do is a great start to being able to plan accordingly so that the diabetic doesn’t feel left out and neither does anyone else.

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