What are glucose machines?

glucose machines

glucose machines

What are glucose machines? Blood glucose machines are unit that are used by diabetics to measure blood sugar levels. Diabetics have to have these or risk major health effects and even death. Diabetes is a severe disease where the body doesn’t create the amounts of insulin created for the body to function correctly.

Insulin is a very important chemical that is created by the pancreas that changes the glucose (sugar) in the human’s blood into fuel that the body can use. If too little of the chemical is produced the glucose levels rise and can cause serious damage. The lists of damage include heart disease and damage, nerve damage, blindness, and kidney damage. All of which increase the chances of death. Hypoglycemia is where the body has too much insulin and is just as dangerous with fainting, dizziness, confusion, headaches as its symptoms.

Glucose machines are used to keep these under or above levels of glucose in check. By checking the blood levels periodically the blood glucose level can be kept at an even rate. Blood glucose machines are small units that are a necessary weapon in the diabetic war. The unit is generally no bigger than an average person’s hand, making it small and portable. There is no best glucose machine, it all depend on the users preference and what the like more as using this is a part of a diabetics survival. Glucose machines use “test strips” which are plastic strips that carry the chemicals needed to measure the blood glucose levels. It then displays the results on a small screen to the side, usually fairly easy to see. When getting glucose machines, you must be sure you know how to operate it effectively and utilize all of its resources, because your life depends on your ability to use the unit.

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