What is the proper blood sugar level?

proper blood sugar level

proper blood sugar level

Do you know what the proper blood sugar level is? This is a vital question for those who have the disease diabetes. Keeping a proper blood sugar level is the key for a long healthy life for those with it. Diabetes is a disease where the pancreas produces to little or none of the chemical insulin. Insulin is one of the more important chemicals as it is what supports life.

The insulin in the body is responsible for your energy. It changes the glucose (sugar) in the body into fuel that the body’s cells can use. If there is no insulin the body gets no fuel and glucose levels skyrockets. The extremely large amount of glucose that can develop can damage the body. Effects that can happen include damage to the heart and kidneys, nerve damage, and blindness. All of these can make the life of the diabetic miserable later on. So keeping a proper blood sugar level is necessary.

The common blood sugar level is anywhere from 64.8 to 104.4 mg/dl (depending on what time of day and when was the last meal eaten). With diabetics a simple meal that one wouldn’t think twice about can skyrocket it to 200 mg/dl or more. This can be very serious, as an improper blood sugar level is damaging. But maintaining a proper blood sugar is easy with the correct equipment and proper diet. A good blood glucose meter is a very good weapon to add to the diabetic’s arsenal. The proper diabetic glucose meter is everything. If one has a unit and knows how to operate it properly can check their blood sugar at anytime. Knowing what their blood sugar is allows they to change their amounts if need be. So use the glucometer regularly to keep a proper blood sugar level.

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