What is the normal glucose ranges for an adult

normal glucose ranges

normal glucose ranges

Do you know what the normal glucose ranges are for an adult? Diabetes, also called hypoglycemia, affects 30 million people in the United States only, with much, much larger numbers in other nations. Diabetes is high glucose levels in the bloodstream. This is generally caused by low insulin production by the pancreas. Insulin is the main chemical that converts the glucose (sugar) in the blood into useable fuel.

When the body produces too little of this substance the sugar in the blood shoots above high. This can cause many long term consequences such as nerve damage, heart disease, kidney damage, and blindness. Hypoglycemia is where the body has too little fuel which is just as deadly in a short time scale. Producing dizziness, confusion, headaches, and eventually fainting. This can be caused by under eating or by the injection of too much insulin. Both of these exceed or are below normal glucose ranges making them extremely dangerous.

Normal glucose ranges often vary between individual by factors such as weight, age, exercise levels, and other small factors. The American diabetes association states that the normal blood sugar level for a adult should be in the low to mid 100’s at any time. This can be checked at any time with a blood glucose meter. This unit uses small plastic strips to measure the glucose in the blood, and then displays it on a screen. If the number of glucose in your blood is above 200 at any random time diabetes should be suspected and should be reported to your doctor immediately. Normal glucose ranges after eating should still be the same.

If you fear that you have diabetes a quick talk with your doctor and some small tests will prove wither you have it or not. So talk to your doctor about your normal glucose ranges and see if you’re at risk for developing diabetes.

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