Symptoms of diabetes in women

symptoms of diabetes in women

symptoms of diabetes in women

Symptoms of diabetes in women are basically the same symptoms as they are in men. Symptoms of diabetes in women can range widely such as frequent urination, having the urge to drink fruity drinks or drinks with high amounts of sugar in them, tingling extremities such as fingers and toes, continual hunger, feeling overexerted and tired all of the time, loss of energy, weight loss and blurry vision to name a few.

Symptoms of diabetes in women range from those of men because women go through more hormonal issues than men. Women go through pregnancy which makes their hormones rage which men don’t go through. Women also deal with menopause which can send their bodies into a rage and unbalance which they are not normally going through.

A woman can also show symptoms such as painful intercourse, high blood pressure, lethargic, painful urination, urinary tract infections and yeast infections are all symptoms of diabetes in women. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms which are not normal to you then you need to make sure that you consult with your doctor so that they can look into it. Chances are if your doctor hears these symptoms he or she will run a fasting blood glucose level or fasting diabetic test to see if you do in fact have diabetes. If you do indeed have diabetes your doctor will talk with you about everything you need to do from here on out so that you can safely manage your diabetes and keep a healthy lifestyle.

Symptoms of diabetes in women do run differently than men but the best way to maintain your health is by making sure that you know your body. If you know your body then you will not have any problem knowing when something is not right so that you can contact your physician and have it checked out.

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