Carbs for diabetics

carbs for diabetics
carbs for diabetics

Is there really such a thing as carbs for diabetics? We all think of carbs as being bad for us in such a way that when we become a diabetic we can’t eat any carbs what so ever but that is untrue, diabetics can eat carbs in moderation.

We all know that eating too many carbs is bad for us and unhealthy but eating carbs in moderation is okay. Carbs for diabetics are safe to eat as long as they are eaten in moderation. Carbs once digested break up into sugar which then if you have had too much of will not be able to be processed out through your body and will show up as high insulin readings.

Some of the foods with the highest amount of carbs in them is baked potatoes, French fries, pasta and potato chips or bread. A few things to remember when you are learning how to eat carbs for diabetics is if you want a baked potato only eat half, eat whole wheat bread instead of white, sweet potatoes are better for you than white potatoes and whole wheat pasta is better on your sugar and body than regular.

Carbs for diabetics are not farfetched as many people think that they are. Carbs for diabetics are possible when you know what is the right carbs to eat and how much to eat. Once you have pinpointed the proper amounts that you can eat without harming your blood glucose level then you can eat the carbs that you want rather you are a diabetic or not.

So if you are a diabetic and are unsure of what carbs are okay for you ask your doctor, check with your local library for a list or check with the American diabetes association who can provide you with a carbs for diabetics food list.

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