What Causes Low Blood Sugar?

what causes low blood sugar

what causes low blood sugar

What causes low blood sugar is a question that is becoming more and more important to an ever growing number of people as the incidence of diabetes and other endocrine dysfunctions continues to rise even as other types of diseases seem to be on a bit of a downswing.

Diabetes is what causes low blood sugar most often, and can be any one of several metabolic diseases that affect the way the body metabolizes glucose, this means that for many people staying above the low blood sugar range can be a real concern. While diabetes isn’t the only culprit, it is usually to blame whenever a person suffers a bout of low blood sugar, and low blood sugar can lead to feeling weak, the inability to think clearly, and even coma and death. Usually the blood sugar should be somewhere between 60 and 100 mg/dl, though in some cases those with blood sugar abnormalities may have unknowingly functioned outside the normal range for so long that their blood sugar may be as high as 300 without their feeling it and a low blood sugar range could go as low as 30-40 mg/dl. At 30 mg/dl a normal person would at least be unable to think clearly and would probably be comatose. Once a person has learned what causes low blood sugar for them the key to overall health is keeping that blood sugar as normal as possible.
Low blood sugar hits many each and every year and more and more people are being diagnosed with diabetes and low blood sugar because we aren’t taking care of ourselves. Taking care of ourselves with proper nutrition, diet and exercise is key and essential to living a long and healthy lifestyle! If you stop and think about it, ask yourself…”Do you take care of yourself like you should?”

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