Lower Blood Sugar Fast

Lower Blood Sugar Fast

Lower Blood Sugar Fast

The chief concern among diabetics and those who are running the risk of diabetes is high blood sugar and people are forever looking for new ways to lower blood sugar fast. The truth is that once blood sugar levels are raised the only way possible to lower them quickly is through the use of insulin. Without insulin the blood sugar levels will only drop very slowly as long as no other food is eaten and the body rids itself of excess glucose through other means, and this definitely will not lower blood sugar fast.

When sugars and carbohydrates are ingested the body converts these into glucose, and while glucose is used by the cells of the body for energy, if healthy blood glucose levels are not maintained damage can be done to many of the body’s systems.

Glucose, once in the blood can only be used by the cells when insulin is present. It is the insulin which causes the glucose to be able to enter the cells where it is used for energy, and without insulin or in cases of insulin resistance the glucose can build to unhealthy levels in the blood and without insulin it is impossible to lower blood sugar fast.

The healthy blood glucose levels for normal people is between 60 and 100, and any glucose level higher or lower then this may signify the development of diabetes. In most cases the onset of diabetes will be accompanied with increased thirst, increased urination and incessant hunger.

If you have experienced these symptoms for any length of time it may be a good idea to visit your doctor for a simple glucose tolerance test which will determine if your body is regulating glucose correctly. If you are diagnosed with diabetes and you carefully manage your treatment you can still live a long, normal, and active life as long as you carefully maintain healthy blood glucose levels by keeping tabs on your eating habits and medication usage and remember, once its elevated there’s no way to lower your blood sugar fast.

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