What are symptoms of type ii diabetes?

symptoms of type ii diabetes

symptoms of type ii diabetes

What are symptoms of type ii diabetes? Diabetes is a very serious condition that changes the lives of everyone who come into contact with the diabetic. This condition is affecting the entire world and is quickly becoming a major problem.

Over 30 million people are affected with the condition. Type 2 diabetes is where the pancreas organ is failing to produce enough insulin. Or the pancreas is producing enough but the body is not excepting the insulin as it should be.

This makes the glucose levels in the blood begin to rise to extremely high levels. When the blood sugar levels start to reach levels above 140 the body begins to suffer damage. The damage that is most commonly associated with the high blood glucose levels is damage to the heart, kidney, eyes, and nerves. In fact all systems are damaged by the sugar overload but these systems are most affected by it.

The damage that is done by the diabetes condition is permanent and cannot be reversed in any way. So this means that controlling your high blood sugar is a extremely important problem. This also means that spotting the disease must be done early before too much damage can be done. So what are symptoms of type ii diabetes?

Symptoms of type ii diabetes are the same as type 1 diabetes. Excessive thirst is the first. This is caused by the body trying to rid itself of the excess glucose that is in the blood. To accompany the excessive thirst comes excessive urination. The next symptom is fatigue as the body isn’t getting the needed amounts of fuel. The next and vital symptom is excessive weight loss as the body tries to get the fuel it needs. So talk to your doctor about symptoms of type ii diabetes.

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