What is a blood glucose diary?

Blood Glucose DiaryWhat is a blood glucose diary? Diabetic log diary is charts used by diabetics to record each test manufactures little or none of the chemical known as insulin. The chemical/hormone Insulin is used to change the glucose (sugar) in the blood into useable cell fuel. The body’s cells can take in the sugar after the insulin as edited it. But when there’s not enough insulin hormone the glucose levels rise to dangerous levels. At high blood sugar levels the body suffers damage because of the excess sugar.

The damage caused by the hypoglycemia is severe heart disease and damage, nerve damage, eye damage, and kidney damage and failure. These effects of severe high blood sugar mean that those who have diabetes must constantly monitor their blood sugar levels so that they stay within safe limits.

Blood glucose diary is very important. They allow your diabetes doctor to monitor your sugar levels an sugar fluctuations and hone your diets and lifestyles to better control your diabetes.

1. The first use of keeping diabetic log diaryss is to monitor your blood sugars changes over time. You can also see what you were doing at that point of the day and how it affected your blood sugar.

2. Your diabetic doctor can see what your blood sugar levels for the day were and what you were doing at that time. This allows him to tell you what you should continue to do and what you should stop doing for your diabetes.

3. You can set a diabetic goal and try to keep to that goal improving your control over your diabetes. The American Diabetes Association supports the use of diabetic log books as they believe they are very helpful. So talk to your doctor about starting a blood glucose diary.

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