The uses of diabetic testing equipment

diabetes testing equipment

diabetes testing equipment

What is the use of diabetic testing equipment? Diabetic testing equipment is used by diabetics to help them control their blood sugar. Diabetes is a disease in where the body’s organ called the pancreas fails to produce the needed amounts of the chemical insulin.

Insulin is directly responsible for converting the sugar in the blood stream into fuel that the body can use. So when the levels of insulin ar e low the blood sugar levels rise. Once the blood sugar levels get to a certain point they begin to cause damage to the body. The damage that can be done includes eye damage, heart damage, nerve damage, and kidney damage all of which can kill you end the end. This makes using the proper diabetic testing equipment a necessity.

There is some basic diabetic testing equipment. The most basic testing equipment is the lancet, the blood glucose monitor, the test strips, and ketone strips. The lancet is a small needle like contraption that is used to gain a blood sample.

Generally it is used to prick the fingers but due to new advancements it can be done in the arm. Test strips are plastic strips that are used to take in the blood sample. These strips have chemicals inside that help in determining the blood sugar level.

The blood glucose monitor reads the chemical reactions inside the strips and displays the results on a small screen. The blood glucose monitor is a small hand held device that can be taken almost anywhere. Ketone strips are small strips that test urine for ketones, this is a sign that the body’s blood sugar is not under control. These are the basic diabetic testing equipment. These together will help you better control your blood sugar levels and live a healthier life.

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