What is a high blood sugar level?

what is a high blood sugar level

what is a high blood sugar level

What is a high blood sugar level? Diabetics deal with a problem known as high blood sugar. Diabetic numbers are constantly growing as more and more become diabetic due to high sugar diets.

Diabetes, also known as hyperglycemia, is where the organ called the pancreas slows or fails to produce insulin. Insulin is a chemical that the body uses to transform the sugar in our blood stream into fuel that the body can use.

When the levels of insulin become too low the sugar levels begin to rise. When they reach a certain level they begin to damage the body’s main components begin to suffer damage. The damage that can be done includes heart damage, nerve damage, kidney damage, eye damage. This makes knowing what is a high blood sugar level important.

So what is a high blood sugar level? A normal persons blood sugar level is anywhere between 64.8 mg/dl and 120.4 mg/dl. (Depending on the size of the last meal and when the last meal was) For diabetics this level can well reach 200 mg/dl which is dangerously high. At these high levels the body begins to suffer damage. in order to keep a normal blood sugar level you should talk to your doctor about using a blood glucose meter, special diets and exercise.

Blood glucose meters are small devices that are used to measure the blood sugar levels. When you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes one of the first things to talk to your doctor about is your diet. Your diet should be cleaned of all simple sugars such as fruit and sweets. Also talk to your doctor about exercise as it plays a key role in stabilizing your blood sugar levels. So now that you know what is a high blood sugar level, you can do more to prevent it reaching that level.

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