What is a diabetes testing kit?


diabetes testing kit

diabetes testing kit

A diabetes testing kit is a kit that helps diabetics monitor their blood sugar at anytime. Diabetics must do this to live healthy lives. Diabetes is where the pancreas stops or in severe cases stops in the production of a major hormone called insulin. Without insulin the body will suffer damage or even shut down. The insulin is needed in order to get the cells fuel. It has to bind with the sugar molecules before the cells are able to use the sugar. When the insulin levels are low the sugar levels start to rise and they damage the body. The damage that is often done to the body includes heart damage, eye damage, nerve damage, and kidney damage. This is serious damage so using the proper diabetes testing kits is a have to not a choice.

A proper diabetes testing kit includes three major things. The lancet, the test strips, and the blood glucose meter. The lancet is a small needle that diabetics use to gain a blood sample. They do this by pricking the end of the finger, or with the addition of newer technology the arm. The test strips are small plastic strips that have special chemicals in them. The strips have the small sample of blood inserted in the side. The glucose monitor is a small handheld machine that is used to measure the blood sugar. This small machine takes the test strip with the blood sample in it and measures the chemical reactions in it to give you a accurate glucose level amount. Usually it can do this is seconds. These together are a proper diabetes testing kit. So talk to your doctor about getting a proper diabetes testing kit, and take care of you blood sugar levels.

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