What are freestyle glucose meters used for?


freestyle glucose meters

freestyle glucose meters

What are freestyle glucose meters used for? Freestyle glucose meters are very important as they let people monitor their blood sugar whenever they need to. Diabetes is a very serious condition that affects not only the diabetic, but everyone who comes into contact with them. Diabetes is a condition in which the pancreas lows and sometimes stops producing a very important hormone called insulin. Insulin is used by the body to make fuel for the cells. The hormone must bind with the glucose in the blood before the cells can use it. When the insulin levels are to low the glucose levels then begin to rise. At a certain level they damage the body. The damage that they most often cause is heart damage, nerve damage, eye damage, and nerve damage. This makes using a freestyle glucose meter a must for those who have diabetes or even pre-diabetes.

A freestyle glucose meter is a small handheld machine that is used to measure blood sugar. First a small sample of blood sugar must be gotten. This is done using a lancet. A lancet is a small needle used to gain a blood sample by pricking the finger. (Or arm) The blood sample is then placed in a disposable test strip and inserted into the freestyle glucose meter. The machine then takes the sample and thru analyzing special chemical reactions gives you a correct measurement. The measurement is correct to the parts per million amounts and is generally received in a few seconds. So talk to your doctor about getting a freestyle glucose meter to help with controlling your blood sugar levels. Also see about getting a painless non invasive glucose meter. This uses electromagnetic fields to detect glucose levels and is fairly accurate. (Although not as accurate as a freestyle glucose meter)

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